Lucía Celasco is going through a difficult time and received the consolation of Susana Giménez

The sadness of Lucía Celasco for the death of her dog

Lucia Celasco He is going through a difficult personal moment. Despite her low profile and the fact that she is not very active on social media, the granddaughter of Susana Gimenez decided to use your account Instagram – where he has almost 300 thousand followers – to tell that in the last few hours his dog, who was his faithful companion, passed away.

“Tunita of my heart, thank you for so much love, for your unconditionality. You made me too happy. I miss you…”He wrote along with several postcards and videos that reflected different moments that he shared with his pet, several of them while enjoying the beach.

One of the postcards that Lucía Celasco published with her expert
The beach, one of your dog's favorite places
The beach, one of your dog’s favorite places
Tunita was the faithful companion of Lucía Celasco
Tunita was the faithful companion of Lucía Celasco

Immediately, the post was filled with comments that sent him their condolences, but without a doubt the one that stood out the most was that of his famous grandmother. “Lupi I love you, think you were so happy”The diva wrote to comfort her. Meanwhile, the influencer also received the support of various celebrities, such as little tinelli -who also recently lost his dog Charlie-, his great-uncle Patricio Giménez, Yanina Latorre, Floppy Tesouro Y Agustina Casanovaamong others.

The sadness of Lucía Celasco for the death of her dog

In terms of work, the 27-year-old opened a circular fashion store a few months ago. In this sense, in an interview that she gave to teleshowShe said that together with two friends she runs the brand The Vintage Hole, of which she opened a branch in Palermo in April. “At first it was a clothing fair between us, where we exchanged garments that we no longer used for different reasons, and one day it occurred to us that we could start selling to give the garments a second chance and so we did our first vintage fair in my house, back in 2013″, he explained at the time.

That experience was a complete success, and they decided that they would repeat the event every two or three months. As the call increased, they realized that they needed a bigger place, and they opted for the showroom modality in the same space in Palermo that today is their headquarters again, with the difference that it will be open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, from 15 to 20.

The idea of ​​being more aware of the consumption of fashion and its consequences is part of the essence of the business they promote, and that is why they themselves are in charge of curating each of the garments that hang on the racks. “We believe that buying used clothing is giving the garments a second useful life and valuing the product itself, getting it in perfect condition at 50% less than its value,” she said on that occasion.

“We always had a super loyal audience that grew a lot after the pandemic and we know that they are customers who are super informed about the environment, and try to do their bit for the care of the planet,” he assured. Before the mandatory quarantine, most of their sales were in person, and only some products were uploaded to the website. In less than three months they photographed more than 3,000 varieties of clothes, and it was not easy for them to organize the logistics of the shipments, so at first they made some deliveries themselves. Later they perfected the system and currently the brand reaches the entire country.


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