Luxury tourism: are we facing a bubble or is this the new normal?

Luxury tourism has continued to grow steadily since ómicron began to recede there in late January. The pent up demand during the pandemic continues to go strong, but experts in this segment have raised in the Virtuous Travel Week which has just taken place in Las Vegas, if we find ourselves before a bubble that sooner or later will burst or is this the new normal.

The bookings remain strong for fallwhile the advance of purchase is returning to pre-pandemic levels and ADR (average daily rate) are considerably above those registered in 2021 and 2019, as verified misty beautiesGlobal Vice President of Virtuoso Media Relations.

“It could be a bubble or the new normal, but the indicators that we are seeing really suggest that this is our new tourism landscape”, as Misty Belles has underlined.

A tourist scene anthony goldmandeputy director of Goldman Group in Australia, has defined as “a travel tsunami”referring to the sales registered in the months of May, June and July; This trend is expected to continue for the next 12 to 18 months.

Although Goldman expects some normalization down the road, it also believes that inflated prices will be part of that normalizationsince it is always difficult to lower rates once they have been raised.

It matches like this beth washingtonfounder of getaway guild in the US capital, who has warned that “this demand bubbleperhaps the repressed after two years of pandemic, decelerate. But I really think what we’ve all learned is that we only have one life to live itIf you want to travel, now is the time to do it. And I think that that lifestyle will remain through generations”.

Luxury tourists today are spending more than ever and without complaining about the priceas you have pointed out Susan BowmanVice President of Marketing and Industry Relations for Transat, which has a network of 2,200 agents in Canada, of which 110 are specialists in the luxury segment. Goldman has added in this regard that “customers in some cases do not even ask about the cost”.

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The underlying factor seems to be the desire to spend more time with family and take trips from those on our wish listwhich translates into an increase in safaris in Africa, among other types of products, as highlighted james turnerCEO of the British 360 Private Tours.

Reference information has been published by Travel Weekly.

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