Maju Lozano was hospitalized with severe chest pain: her state of health

Maja Lozano

“Yesterday we had a very big scare with Maju; She was hospitalized all night, she left here feeling very bad, with heart pain, which we understood was like that because what she was hurting was her chest, her arm ”, said Tatiana Shapiro last week on the screen Nine taking on the role of driver in Every afternoon.

Then, he explained that it had not really been anything cardiological and added: “It has a very strong peak of stress. She was hospitalized all night but I think she’s already home. They still have to continue doing several studies and she has to take care of herself a little. We were very scared.”

After her days off, on the weekend the driver from Santa Fe also shared a post hugging her son with a deep reflection: “Learning to relax the mind, assuming that resting looking at nothing, is far from being lazy and lazy. Look inside to enjoy the outside. Value the path traveled, leave behind the past what happened and luckily it’s healed. Assuming once and for all, and without guilt, that I am a mother who works hard and that I am not a bad mother for that.”

Maju Lozano's post with her son
Maju Lozano’s post with her son

“That working hard and above all what I love is teaching my little one that dreams do come true. Thank and thank me. That the path traveled was arduous but also beautiful. There is a long way to go, but only if I do it calmly and one step at a time. Thank you to my loved ones for accompanying me these days in respectful silence…” added the driver who this morning returned to her role as a panelist in El Club del Moro, by La 100.

His post garnered more than 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments. “Of course!” he wrote. Franco Torchia Y Claudia Villafane added: “That’s right. I love you so much and Silvina Chedieck He added: “Huge hug. And my best wishes. One day at a time. And always surrounded by love.

Last year Maju had been hospitalized. “Hello, cuties. Here appearing little by little. I had to undergo surgery for a health issue. That is why I have had to take a few days on the radio and on TV. Already at home recovering little by little, thanks for so much love received, ”he had explained at the time.

It should be remembered that in September 2020, Maju was infected with coronavirus. “The sensations are horrible. They are pains that one has never experienced. It is an absolute lack of energy, that all you need is sleep. It is an awful tiredness for which you are thrown all the time, ”he had said at the time. In this sense, she was only able to return to her work a month later. “I shake a little. Obviously I’m fine, I feel good and I still have the last leg to goIt is not that I am discharged to go suck on the railing, because there is a coagulation issue, which is like one of the most common or typical sequelae of those of us who had a more complicated COVID. So we’ll be on blood thinners and some injections. I have discharge but very carefully. We are very good. Thanks to the channel. It’s nice to see everyone Compass”, he had pointed out on his return.

Even in February of last year he had declared that he still had a strange symptom of the disease that persisted. “I have like…some things I smell and others I don’t. For example, flowers, coffee, I don’t smell it, alcohol and perfumes either, I’m almost at zero, it’s like a selective smell, “he had said on his program.


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