Måneskin’s rock, between Italy and Hollywood

Italian band Maneskin released a new single titled Supermodel. Photo: courtesy Maneskin

Fernando Creole. (YO)

with a strong rock influencethe most recent projects Moonlight portray the chiaroscuro of Hollywood from Italy.

Since Italy, Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio shared with this newspaper the details of their new single, Super model and his participation in the ‘Elvis’ soundtrack‘. These projects reach music platforms and cinemas in Ecuador before their first concert in Latin Americascheduled for August.

Italian band with Danish name

The group’s first stages were the streets of Italy where they performed ‘covers’ of his favorite bands and the dream of achieving fame with his own songs began to take shape.

His talent is viralizedlike many cultural phenomena today, through social networks. With the impetus of a small band that dreams big, they launched their first musical competition in Rome, but they needed a name.

“The light of the moon means ‘Moonlight’ in Danish and we created it when we were about 14 years old because we needed a name to enter a music competition. So we spent like an hour coming up with names and we picked this one because it sounded great and we said maybe we’d change it later, but it didn’t happen,” recalls bassist/songwriter Victoria de Angelis.

From ‘X Factor’ to winning Eurovision

With a musical vocation as motivation, the Måneskins signed up to compete in the musical talent television show ‘X Factor’. With their own songs and those of other artists, the group reached second place.

“After X Factor we had the opportunity to travel a lot especially within Italy where we started to have a lot of influence and people liked our music. So that gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of people and allowed us to see the project as something Internationalsays guitarist Thomas Raggi.

That opened the doors for them to record their first EP, ‘Chosen’ (2017), with two original songs and five ‘covers’. From that disc comes off Startoriginally from the group The four Seasonsbut that in the version of Måneskin it went viral on social networks and became a bestseller in Italy and crossed the Atlantic.

with elements of funk and pop incorporated into a base stonethis song happened to become the cover letter of the band in other countries. The success continued to rise with a tour and two more albums: ‘The dance of life’ (2018) and ‘Theatre of anger: Vol. I’ (2021).

The victory they obtained in the Sanremo Festival in 2021, gave them the opportunity to represent Italy in the 2021 edition of Eurovision. The song shut up and fine It gave them victory at the most important music festival in Europe and a new impetus for their career.

“When we went to Eurovision with this song basically everyone was against us and when we won it was a great rewardeven emotional, because we achieved something that some did not believe possible”, says Victoria about a musical vindication that has a deep meaning for the whole group.

The sound that evolves

It seems that this band of 20-somethings is bringing the Rock And Roll playing with some of his stereotypes, with a bit of glam, a casual attitude, questioning the system and playing his own instruments in an old school style, adopting a sound between retro and contemporary. The evolution is perceived in his most recent single entitled Super model.

“We went for the first time to The Angels where we stayed three months. We experienced different situations and environments, we also met a lot of people from Los Angeles. We connected with some of them and there was also a certain sense of hypocrisy about famein certain people who seemed to only care about being in the ‘right’ place with the ‘right’ people, says drummer Ethan Torchio.

The impression that this lifestyle left on them led them to write Supermodel, which explores the dark side of American culture of fame and celebrity. From that idea they filmed a video with a retro style that, at the same time, pays tribute to the films and directors they admire in Hollywood.

“It’s one of the funniest videos we’ve ever done because it involves a more complex concept and more acting. We really enjoyed the production and working with the director. We tried to make it look like a ’90s movie,” says Thomas, who declares himself a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

Victoria admits that she grew up watching ‘Rocky’, while Damiano associates the 90s with ‘space jam’ e Ethan has on his favorites list ‘Matrix’.

Music for ‘Elvis’

elvis presley is another artist who reinforces Måneskin’s connections to America, now that they are part of the soundtrack from ‘Elvis’. The biopic of ‘King of rock and roll’ premiered on Thursday, July 14 at the Ecuadorian cinemas.

“Director Baz Luhrmann contacted us while he was in the process of shooting and thought maybe we could join the project. We went into the studio to record our own version of the song. if i can dreamShe is one of the most influential artists we have grown up with and it has been a true honor to have the opportunity to share our own interpretation of her music,” says Victoria of the band’s first foray into a Hollywood production.

Embarked on a new tour called noisy children Tour, Måneskin will finally land in Latin America to perform in Brazil, Argentina and Chile next September.

“We look forward to playing Latin America. We have never been there playing, but we know that there are warm people so we expect great things”, says Damiano.

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