Mar del Plata: this is the new hotel in Chapadmalal and facing the sea, it was closed for 15 years

President Alberto Fernndez reopened today Hotel 6 of the Tourist Unit of Chapadmalalin the Buenos Aires party of General Pueyrredán, which was closed for more than 15 years.

During a ceremony held this afternoon, Fernndez also visited the restored collective of the Eva Pern Foundation, which is incorporated into the heritage of the Eva Perón Museum of that Tourist UnitPresidency reported.

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“We are launching one of the 9 hotels in Chapadmalal, that when summer 2023 arrives they will all be working”said the President during the opening ceremony.

how is the new hotel in chapadmalal to go this summer

The Chapadmalal Tourist Unit is a complex of nine hotels, located 35 kilometers from Mar del Platahead city of the Buenos Aires municipality of General Pueyrredn.

Its construction began in 1945 during the first presidency of Juan Domingo Perón and was promoted by the Eva Perón Foundation with the aim of developing social tourism in the country.

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The Hotel 6 remained closed for more than 15 years and reopened after an investment in works for $125 million for the enhancement of it, within the framework of a comprehensive restoration plan that began in 2020 to enhance social tourism in Argentina.

The undersecretary of Quality, Accessibility and Sustainability of National Tourism, Ins Albergucci, explained that “Hotel number 6 of the Chapadmalal Tourist Complex located in front of the sea is a hotel known as class A, with 650 seats“.

“Work was done on all the installations and electrical renovations, carpentry, installation of elevators for the disabled, painting, the acquisition of new equipment such as mattresses, sheets, bedspreads, the restoration of all the furniture, for the enhancement of a more comfortable hotel. of the nine that the Chapadmalal tourist complex has,” he explained to Tlam.

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When does hotel 6 in Chapadmalal open?

Albergucci explained that “this hotel will have its first guests, after more than 15 years of being closed, in the first days of Septemberwith students from schools all over the country.

“For us the months of September, October and November will be the strong season for students who come to make their study and end-of-year trip”, he added.

Along these lines, he said “boys from all over the country will come to see the sea for the first time. We estimate that during those months we will be receiving between 20,000 and 25,000 boys who will stay in both the hotels in Chapadmalal and Embalse (Crdoba). )”.

How is the Chapadmalal Tourist Unit?

Is it so construction began in 1945 during the first presidency of Juan Domingo Perón and was promoted by the Eva Perón Foundation with the aim of developing social tourism in the country.

Simultaneously with the construction of the Chapadmalal Tourist UnitAnother complex was built in Embalse, in the Sierras of the province of Córdoba, made up of seven hotels and 50 houses.

Social tourism resurfaced again in Chapadmalal and Embalse in November of last year when the first guests entered. The hotels provide gastronomy and recreation services and facilities for sports and cultural activities facing the sea or in the Cordoba mountains.

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