Marcelo Tinelli made a risky proposal to L-Gante and El Polaco in Canta Conmigo Ahora

this wednesday in sing with me now (eltrec) a meeting long awaited by fans of cumbia took place. L-Ghent Y The Polish They were together for the first time and they didn’t leave each other for a second. EvenThey are already thinking about sharing a night out with another luxury guest: Marcelo Tinelli.

The one who took the initiative of this plan was the conductor of the cycle. “I love the duo of El Polaco and L-Gante. It’s to go on tour. I would go on tour with you two, if you take me one night”, he suggested to the artists.

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Very enthusiastic about the proposal, the referent of cumbia 420 warned the presenter that it would not be easy to follow his rhythm on a night of revelry: “We make messes. It’s for shit…”He warned.

Far from feeling intimidated, Tinelli raised the bet and replied: “I’m going, there’s no problem. I already saw that you are in a tremendous limousine, we are going to go out one day”.

Beyond this fun back and forth, users highlighted the chemistry between El Polaco and L-GANTE. “This is the first time we met and I loved it. He’s a crack, “said the interpreter of” Stop crying “about his colleague. Is a collaboration coming between the referents of the tropical scene?

“Sing with me now”: how was the debut as a jury of L-Ghent

On Monday, L-Ghent had his long-awaited debut as a jury in sing with me now (eltrec). His presence was highly celebrated by Marcelo Tinelli, who highlighted the singer as one of the great exponents of modern music. “You belong to that generation of Argentine artists who are exported,” he praised.

The presence of the interpreter of “Alta data” revolutionized the stage of the cycle from the first minute. From the outset, he already brought out all his spontaneity when he admitted that he did not understand very well what the rules of the contest were. “They have to explain to me why I’m crazy”he said between laughs.

L-Gante had a great debut as a jury in “Sing with me now”. (Photo: Instagram / sing with me)

Quickly, the complicity with the driver of the cycle was evident. Furthermore, he made it clear that he will not be too demanding in his role: he only doled out praise for the contestants. “I think I’m going to hire them for my birthday”He even told a band that amazed him with a cappella versions of some hits from the tropical scene.

“A lot of things happen to me”: Ana Devin declared her love for L-Ghent

In the middle of a return to one of the participants, Ana Devin admitted that she was dazzled by L-Ghent. “I’m a bit in one, I’m unfocused by her presence,” admitted the member of the jury. And she added: “A lot of things happen to me, but I don’t want to bother him.”

Ana Devin, the member of the jury of "sing with me today" who declared his love to L-Ghent.  (Photo: Capture eltrece)
Ana Devin, the member of the jury of “Canta Conmigo Hoy” who declared her love for L-Gante. (Photo: Capture eltrece)

Devin revealed that his feelings for his colleague exceed professional admiration. “I get nervous and tremble, I want to look all the time to the side and I can fence it“, said.

Immediately, Tinelli went to look for the reaction of L-Ghent. “Shhh, then they hit me with the belt at home”The musician told the driver, hinting that the live compliments were not going to be to the liking of his girlfriend, Tamara Báez.

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