Marcelo Tinelli’s happiness at having his children Lolo and Cande in Sing with Me Now

Marcelo TInelli arrived with his son Lolo at the debut of Canta Conmigo Now (Video: El Trece)

It was a dream debut for Marcelo Tinelli. After 16 years ofl dancing -which last year reverted with The academy -, the driver opted for a completely renewed format: sing with me now. And he did it in the way that most characterizes him: accompanied by his family, but this time with a much more active participation of his children.

At first, the man from Bolívar surprised by making his triumphal entrance to the imposing studio with Lolohis youngest son, the result of his former relationship with Guillermina Valdes. “How nice to be here by God! How he was missed! And today we have the co-host, save!”he expressed looking at the boy, and after giving his already classic greeting of “Good night, America!”, He gave way to his son repeating it, something he did with surprising charismaand that caused everyone present to applaud him standing up. Meanwhile, the camera was also focused on Francisco Y juanaher other children from her previous marriage to Paula Robles. The only big absentee was Michaelathat could not be because it is already based in Mexico.

But that was not going to be the only active participation that Marcelo would have from his children. In a decision that surprised many, and as had been anticipated days ago, Cande He agreed to be part of the cast of 100 jurors of the program. She did not do it alone, but she was accompanied by her boyfriend, the singer Coti Sorokin. with the music of “Nothing was an error”. The couple made their way into the flat and had a fun ride with the driver.

“Welcome, we are very happy to have you, beyond the enormous love that I have for my daughter and that I have for you too, I love that you are here, and I want to tell you publicly before starting this program, that you have left a lots of shows in Spain and you have come here to be a jury in this contest. From the first day I told you about the idea, both you and Lelé were turned on and said ‘we’re going to be there’. They left Madrid and here they are, so thank you”, he expressed to his son-in-law.

Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin debuted in Sing With Me Now (Video: El Trece)

Happy with the reception, the composer also confessed what had motivated him to accept: the proposal “We loved the idea, thanks to you, Marce. If she wasn’t there, I wouldn’t come.” “And if you weren’t there, she didn’t come either,” added Tinelli. “Yes, it was mutual, ‘yes, you go, I’ll go’ and vice versa. It was ‘let’s go together’ or nothing “explained the influencer. Meanwhile, both admitted to being a little nervous. “It’s something new for us, I never did TV,” said Coti. And immediately afterwards, Marcelo invited them to sit on the jury.

Then, the host continued introducing other of the most notable members of the jury. Among them, Jose Luis The Puma Rodriguez Y Cristian castrowho also had their moment with Tinelli. A while later, a quick pan was made for the rest of the 100 jurors, including composers, singers, actors, actresses, doctors, temple singers, drag queens. There were also some familiar faces, such as Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, Luciano The Tirri June, Manuel Wirtz, Locho Loccisano Y The Bahian.


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