María Becerra was linked to a ragpicker who is the ex of her friend Cazzu

Eight months after separating from Run, Mary Becerra was linked to Julián Reininger, popularly known as j.reithe ex-boyfriend of Shit. to the air of very morning (City Magazine), Estefi Berardi assured that the artists were together all night at an event that took place in Olavarría.

“María Becerra was accompanying this boy to his show in Olavarría. She arrived camouflaged, with a hood and a chinstrap. At first, no one knew it was her,” said the panelist.

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He then highlighted: “He arrived with J. Rei in the motorhome. They have things in common, like music. He stayed all night next to the sound booth, camouflaged so that it is not recognized, but we have the video.”

María Becerra and J. Rei were romantically related. (Photo: Instagram / mariabecerra / j.reiii)

After showing a series of tests, Berardi noticed the affectionate gestures between María Becerra and J. Rei on social networks that included pleasuresreactions and reposts.

In closing, he assured that “fans are outraged because J. Reies is Cazzu’s ex and she is a friend of María Becerra.”

So far, none of the protagonists of the alleged love story have spoken about it.

Rusherking talked about his scandalous separation from María Becerra and said that “Forget” is not inspired by her

Run He spoke this Friday of his scandalous separation from Mary Becerra and, although he admitted that they did not end well, he stressed that he wants to keep the good memories of the relationship. She also denied that “Forget”, her last song, is dedicated to the artist.

María Becerra, linked to a ragpicker: they assure that she went to see him at his show with a hood and a chinstrap

Invited to Spicy Therapythe YouTube cycle, Alan Parodi asked him about the versions that indicate that his last song was composed inspired by his ex-partner. “No, it is already publicly known and it is known that I write based on what I feel, what happens to me, my experiences. So whenever I get into the studio I write about it. It is the only thing I can answer you, ”she limited herself to saying.

Regarding the abrupt end of the sentimental relationship, he stated: “I have a good image of María. We ended sadly badas is publicly known, but I stay with the good things that we live. I have good memories of her, obviously, it’s not that it’s all bad.”

Why Rusherking and María Becerra separated

In mid-December, Becerra erupted in a torrent of tweets and made the breakup public. “Son of a thousand p… you just screwed up my self-esteem. How could you do this to the mine that was there when you were nobody wacho?she asked indignantly. And, by way of closing, she added: Gil of shit piece of garca.

The love story of one of the couples of the moment (Photos: instagram/rusherking)
The love story of one of the couples of the moment (Photos: instagram/rusherking)

Although these messages did not target anyone, for all his followers it was more than clear that this fury was directed at her boyfriend. Besides, there was another clue: there was unfollowed on social mediaan issue that is not a simple detail for anyone of his generation.

After the impact of these publications, he flatly denied infidelity and added: “This was made public by mistake and it is something that we must resolve in private. I thank you for your respect.”

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