María Fernanda Callejón referred to the episode that her daughter starred in: “Just remembering me paralyzed”

What seemed like a simple game became a tense moment for the actress

In the latest edition of Sunday night, Mariano Judica received as a special guest to play Jenga at Maria Fernanda Callejon. And, taking into account that the winter holidays for the little ones have already begun, the actress decided to attend in the company of her daughter Joan7 years old. It is true that, as a joke, the driver scolded her saying that going with the girl was a good strategy to avoid awkward questions. And the concrete thing that, throughout the interview that took place while they were competing, it was not possible to include any comment related to her recent separation from Ricky Diotto. However, the little girl showed off her histrionics and her sympathy, for which the segment ended up being much funnier than usual.

However, when advertising an electric motorcycle, the girl ended up sitting on the vehicle. And, while Iúdica spoke to the camera, He ended up accidentally pressing the accelerator, causing everyone present to panic. Fortunately, the producers who were in the studio managed to stop her without anyone being hurt. But the seriousness of the situation was reflected both in the driver’s face and in the actress’s face of despair.

Calmer now, this Monday afternoon, Callejón decided to share on her account Instagram the video of the moment in which his daughter drove the motorcycle. And she wrote a message to her followers, who did not stop sending her greetings after that dramatic moment. “Thank you for all the messages you sent me! We are very blessed!”began by putting María Fernanda.

And then the text continued trying to explain what had happened: “At first it was going to be me who was going to get on the bike, but Gio insisted so much that I allowed him. What could happen? It was an electric motorcycle, that must be why I didn’t hear the engine and that’s why I agreed to let it go up”.

In any case, Callejón did not downplay the seriousness of the incident. “What happened yesterday was very dangerous. For Giovannna it was an adventure, but it could have ended badly. She is healthy, she tells me that she had a great time and that she is happy to have won. Just remembering it paralyzes me, but I trust that later we will laugh about this”, he concluded.

The reflection of María Fernanda Callejón

It should be remembered that, seeing that the situation had not escalated and that the little girl was fine, Iúdica continued the program and even ‘congratulated’ her: “Perfect. Very well. Giova, you are a genius. This girl is…” Meanwhile, Callejón, still worried and with her hands covering her mouth, unable to believe what had happened, pounced on her daughter to attend to her. “Where did you learn to drive?” The driver asked the girl who, after the scare and now calmer, she replied with a slight smile: “Alone.”

After the moment of tension had passed, Mariano tried to humor what happened and said: “Wow, this is genius. Where did you learn to drive a motorcycle? Do you drive a motorcycle at home? It’s genius”. “Just the same, Nazareno would have handled it better,” added Callejón, referring to Nazareno Motolaprogram member. “The brakes are impeccable,” added the announcer of the cycle. Finally, the actress and her daughter won the game and received a prize of 100 thousand pesos.


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