María Fernanda Callejón spoke two months after their separation: “It is more difficult than I would have imagined”

Fernanda Callejón told how the rumors influenced their separation

At the end of june, Maria Fernanda Callejon confirmed her divorce from the musician Ricky Diottoafter 11 years as a couple in which they became Giovanna’s parents. By then, they had gone through some periods of crisis, the last one at the beginning of this year when in Show Partners (El Trece) rumors of infidelity grew, fueled by alleged chats between him and another woman, which Callejón denied on more than one occasion.

At that time, the actress remarked on her social networks that the breakup had been on good termsto such an extent that she helped him move to a new apartment and always understanding that the priority was Giovanna, who will soon be 7 years old. “We are here for Gio because first of all… We are family!”, He pointed out when sharing a video of the new home. And she referred to the captures that compromised her ex-partner.

“When those famous chats and those comments came out, with Ricky we were pretty good. They were chats of an alleged infidelity that he, who to this day denies it to me. Everything is fine, but when it comes to people, pain and with a minor in the middle, which is my daughter, I am a lioness there. It seems to me that there are things that have to have limits,” Callejón said.

María Fernanda Callejón spoke about her separation from Ricky Diotto (LAM. America)

More than two months after making the decision that he described as “one of the most difficult of my life,” Callejón visited Veronica Lozano and he noticed how he had lived those days full of rumors that led to the separation. “I think we gave it our all. From today I speak for myself. I am a recently divorced mom, which is no small feat. It is much more difficult than she would have imagined, ”the actress admitted. “I choose to go through it from the best possible place: I don’t feel overcome but I choose not to wallow in pain”, he clarified in Cut by Lozano (Telefe).

And punctually to the chats, he assured. “At that point I chose to believe him, because we were gambling again after a crisis,” she recalled. And, without naming her, he alluded to the intersection that he then had with the journalist Karina Iavicoli, responsible for disseminating the information for the first time. “She watched something on TV that had nothing to do with what she was experiencing, without detracting from anyone’s work. I did not understand anything, the WhatsApp status belongs to him, but I imagined that there are things that can be hacked“, he pointed.

Ricky Diotto’s chat with another woman who triggered the rumors of a crisis with Fernanda Callejón (Partners of the show. El Trece)

On the couch next to the driver, and in a confessional plan, Callejón admitted that in a time of crisis, like the one he was going through with Ricky, “these things that can happen, It is not anyone’s fault nor do I walk with the finger judging the other. Having children involved, each one does what they can, “he assured in the Telefe magazine. “I chose to believe him and then somewhere it resonates and the record of many things begins to fall on you. That’s not why I broke up, but maybe it helped a little bit, it pushed. And I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I went through hard times, I was close to losing my life, but it is costing me for Giovanna, “she closed.

About the chats, Iavicoli He went for more and gave details of the young woman in question: “Her name is MartinHe is from Tandil but lives in the Federal Capital ands the couple of Iván Noble”assured. Later, Stephanie Berardi counted in JUSTICE that Martina contacted her and absolutely denied being involved with Diotti: “I never saw him in my life, I don’t know him. I’m not from the middlewhy do you name me?The young woman told him, who was accompanied by the former Knights of Burning, who also gave his version. “I’m laughing here with Martina. We’re here on vacation, and she’s worried because she’s not from this environment, she doesn’t understand these things or they don’t interest her. We looked on Instagram to see who it was. I don’t think he’s her type. Maybe if it was De Paul, put it there, I think soNoble said between laughs.


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