María Graña reappeared after health problems: “Tango people have very few places to work”

The renowned singer returned to television after a health problem that kept her away from the media

“I’m retiring from tango, I think I’ve completed a stage, I have dedicated 50 years to the genre and I recently decided to venture into bolero, folklore and jazz and it seems to me that it is time to change”, one of the most representative voices of tango was once encouraged to sentence . But it was not like that and after going through some health problems, Maria Grana he is back in the place where he feels best: singing.

This Sunday, after a long time without seeing her on television and in the midst of some news that caused concern in the public, the singer visited The Rock of Morfi (Telefe) and moved everyone with a presentation where he sang songs like honor life either Orange Blossom, among others.

“We are recovering, but I am still a little weak and I did not want to miss”Maria said after singing the first theme in the cycle led by Jey Mammon. Both the interpreter and the driver did not want to delve into more details about the illness that caused her to stay away from the stage for a while.

“We hear you sing and I need to ask you, how the hell do you do because your voice is intact?” Said the host of La Peña de Morfi to praise his tune. “I studied for many years. I started at 12 with Elvira Aquilano and I always name her because she was my second mother. She taught me a lot of things, mainly to have respect for this profession,” he replied.

“Elvira went to Mar del Plata every year and did not miss any show because she went on vacation for three months. She stayed the whole year teaching with us and from January to March she spent it in Mar del Plata. He always supported the artists.” he added about his teacher.

“At some point you threatened to quit so much, you went crazy, what happened to you?” Jay asked. “What happens is that they have been singing tangos for 50 years, but also venturing into other genres such as folklore, boleros… I sang on television on the The Pharmacy of Bergara Leumanntoday many things have changed and tango is always in my repertoire. But there is a part of me that needs to sing other things.” Gran replied.

María Graña returned to television to promote her next show

“I remember that when I went to my grandmother’s house I listened to a lot of folklore. She really liked tango and folklore, and that’s why I also want to venture into that to pay tribute to my grandmother, “she continued.

“Did something happen to you with tango?” insisted the host. “Without speaking ill of anyone and I don’t want to get into controversy, The only one who opened the door to her house for me was Mercedes (Sosa). The people of tango always went each one for his side, there was never a union and Maybe that’s why we don’t have a union.” he dared to question.

Later, María recalled when she was part of The Chosen Ones at the Colón Theater and about that presentation, she commented: “It was very emotional because each one had to row and returning to the ring is difficult after a time in which one does not work because the profession It’s like training “, replied the singer who was encouraged to sentence: “I think that tango people have very few places to work”.

María Graña will meet her Buenos Aires audience again. The appointment will be next Thursday, September 8, at the Astros Theater, where the renowned artist will present “Volmó una noche” together with Esteban Morgado Cuarteto. In this opportunity, the tango singer, in addition to her classic repertoire, will perform boleros, folklore and other surprises.


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