María Pedraza’s vacations, clouded by a strong fight on the high seas

On vacation not everything is rosy, and if not, let them tell Maria Pedraza. Like most of the well-known faces of our country, the actress took advantage of the summer season, and therefore the summer holidays and a break in her agenda, to travel to Ibiza and thus enjoy a break in the company of her relatives. . Something that might not have turned out the way she would have liked.

María Pedraza and Álex González in Ibiza / Gtres

In a video captured by the cameras of the Gtres agency, the interpreter of Elite appears enjoying a day at sea with her friendsthus being able to dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea and its crystal clear waters from a much more comfortable perspective. What perhaps you could not imagine is that what seemed to be a happy day full of plans and good times, has ended up being tarnished with a friendly dispute. In the recording in question, Álex González’s girlfriend loses his temper on the boat while two friends debate with her on a topic whose content is still unknown. However, and taking into account that they are in an idyllic paradise, it is very likely that they have resolved their differences to leave the bad vibes behind and focus on living this vacation in the best possible way.

In this way, María has temporarily put land in the middle with her partner and professional partner. Just a few days ago, the artist used her social networks to show her most romantic side by congratulating Álex González on her birthday with a tender image that did not go unnoticed by her followers. In it, the actress simply wrote “Congratulations”, while her boyfriend chose to unleash the love he feels towards her with a declaration of intent through her comments: “My love, I celebrate every day of my life since I met you”sentenced, hinting that both are experiencing one of the sweetest moments of their relationship. And it is not for less, since over the last few months, the couple has been able to enjoy a series of trips to all corners of the planet, going from Paris to Baqueira through the Maldives or Saudi Arabia, among other destinations.

Although at first the couple remained hermetic regarding their love story, finally over the months they have decided to leave that silence behind to show openly that theirs is totally serious. Proof of this is one of the last public appearances of the protagonist of we were songs at an event organized by Nutralie, in which he assured that, currently, he thinks that Pedraza is his last love: “Obviously, I think that when we are in a relationship we think that it is the last”, he pointed out, with great enthusiasm although visibly blushing.

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