María Rosa Fugazot spoke of her harsh current situation: without savings, she lives on borrowed money and asks to work to live

Maria Rosa Fugazot

Maria Rosa Fugazot reappeared in the media and gave a crude testimony of its current economic situation. It is that despite having a long career in film, theater and television, the 79-year-old actress acknowledged that she has no savings, that she lives up to date with the occasional jobs that may arise and that she lives on loan in a house she shares with a friend.

The actress spoke in an interview with Behind the scenes (AM 540), the program of Daniel Gomez Rinaldi, Nico Peralta Y Roman Carballowhere he gave details of his situation: “I have no savings and the times I managed to make myself a mattress, I invested it in the education of my children and in giving each one a roof,” revealed Fugazot. “I don’t have my own roof and I’m not interested because I’m not going to take that with me when I die”.

Asked why she had not managed to generate savings throughout her career, the actress reviewed her work history that was not limited to acting: “I worked all my life and when I didn’t have a job as an actress I did everything: from sewing pullovers with a friend to sell business gifts, “he revealed. And she claimed the style she stripped from her: “My rings don’t fall off and the only thing I ask for is health and to be able to work and to be allowed to live with what I earn”.

María Rosa Fugazot with her son René and her daughter-in-law Belén (Verónica Guerman)
María Rosa Fugazot with her son René and her daughter-in-law Belén (Verónica Guerman)

In relation to her properties, the actress said that she decided to leave it to her children. “I had my house and with Cesar Bertrandmy husband, we also had a fifth, then we shared everything: the fifth was left to our son Javier and the apartment I left to my son René and I made the succession to him in life so he doesn’t have quilombos Nor does he lose money when I die with the paperwork,” he said. And she said that she lives on loan at the house of a lifelong friend:

“The tenants left, he offered it to me and I entered a place that was in debt and destroyed. Little by little I am fixing it, I am in charge of conserving it and paying for the dead that were left there”related with his frontal style. But she added that she is not alone. “As I had another friend who was hung up like me and without a place to live, I joined her with me and we are both at home”.

In the last broadcast of PH, can we talk (Telephone), Pablo Alarcon He reported that he also experienced a pressing economic situation. And that although he is passionate about the profession he develops, he is at a time when he would like to take sabbaticals to enjoy, for example, to be with her daughters, one of them in Miami, but she can’t.

Pablo Alarcón’s harsh revelation about his personal situation (PH, We Can Talk)

The 75-year-old actor told how badly he had it during the confinement and highlighted his news in theater starring broken in love: “I need to earn money to live. During the pandemic I went through a critical moment of money and I entered, I am not telling you in a depression, because I do not know that emotion, but it made me sad not knowing what to do, ”he began by saying in the cycle he leads Andy Kusnetzoff.

“My two lovely daughters helped me. I got home, I found a dinner, it was all very normal, and suddenly, they both looked at each other, and hugged me. Together we put together what kept me standing throughout quarantine. It’s about a show that I’m still doing, called the cook is friedI was fried at that time, and thanks to my daughters I came out of that”.

In the emotional moment of the program, he clarified what the work he does for delivery is like. “I go to your house, I cook, I serve food, I do a show, I play the harmonica…”, said the artist who is contacted by many people through his Instagram.


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