Mariano Caprarola struck down Barby Silenzi for her look: “You can’t go disguised as a vedette at 15 of your stepdaughter”

mariano caprarola struck down barby silenzi for the look she chose for the Sol 15, the daughter of Karina the little princess Y The Polish. “You can’t go dressed as a vedette at 15 for your stepdaughter”sharp shot.

In a note to JUSTICE (América TV), they consulted the member of The Cage of Fashion for the artist’s dress and shot: “I did not criticize you, hottie. I criticized that you can’t go dressed as a star at 15 for your stepdaughter. If I’m The Little Princess, I’ll make you kick out“.

“What is the problem?” the chronicler wanted to know. “And… what do we do if your dad’s girlfriend arrives at your 15th birthday party dressed almost naked? You have to know in what situation to wear the clothes. The protagonist was not her”hill.

Fernanda Iglesias questioned the look of Barby Silenzi

Fernanda Iglesias questioned barby silenzi for the dress she wore on the 15th Sol and Andrea Taboada He put the points. First, Angel of Brito told that in The Cage of Fashion (Ciudad Magazine) defenestrated the looks of the protagonists of the big night. As a result of this, Fernanda Iglesias shot: “It doesn’t matter that they criticize like that. It’s late, it’s already gone.” quick reflexes, Ángel reminded him: “But if you just criticized Barby Silenzi, you said she was naked.”

“I said that if you go naked you don’t have a low profile,” the panelist justified herself. Then they aired the video of Barby Silenzi’s eventful moment on her birthday, where she got tangled up in her dress and fell to the ground. At that moment, Fernanda repeated: “Of course, but if you want a low profile, you don’t go balls.” Without hesitation, Andrea Taboada crossed it: “What a prude… what has to go, as a nun?”

look barby silenzi

Insistent, Iglesias held her thoughts and joked that she tripped because she went to the party in that daring dress. Already exhausted from her partner’s comments, Andrea shouted at her: “That delays, for a woman to say ‘oh because it was naked’. That delays, Fernanda Iglesias! Delays, delays! Pay attention to me once.” Although the journalists currently maintain a cordial working relationship, in 2016 they starred in a strong episode, which culminated in the suspension of Fernanda from us in the morning (The thirteen).

“I have a low profile and look…”, Taboada jokingly shot, pointing to her pronounced neckline. This debate about Silenzi’s look arose as a result of the fact that in JUSTICE (America TV) reported that the artist refused to give notes during the party of 15 because she did not want to “overshadow” that special moment for Sol and her family.


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