Marie-Claire | Kathy Schenfelt, the young businesswoman who relied on uncertainty and settled in Hollywood

Kathy Schenfelt knew all along that she was moving to Hollywood. When he was just 16 years old and was in high school in the city of Río Gallegos, ran the global digital marketing campaign for fan engagement for the last two films in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I and II. While he never knew what steps to take, his trust in uncertainty allowed him to make an exciting career out of something he loved.

Kathy Schenfelt

“From a very young age I was interested in the subject of the media, and as I was a fan of movies I think that’s where my desire to go to Hollywood was born. Not knowing what I was doing, I started a Twilight movie Twitter account, with the idea of ​​connecting with other fans. I couldn’t tell you why it did so well, but in a few months I had thousands and thousands of followers. This was a lot on Twitter back then and later I got the proposal from Summit Entertainment. I started freelancing and I think my youthful look was what got me hired” express the young businesswoman in dialogue with Marie Claire.

While her peers were in their teens, Kathy was preoccupied with learning to code, managing the school’s first blog and honing her graphic design skills. This innate drive would land raw talent their first job in just a few short years. With 16 years, the young woman launched a fan project of the Twilight saga part I and IIwhich quickly turned into something much more exciting. The project amassed over a million followers, two websites, nine members working for the fan club, and attracted the attention of Summit Entertainment, the film’s production company. The company’s digital strategy team recognized the talent of the teenager and provided Schenfelt with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help drive fan engagement surrounding the global franchise.

Kathy Schenfelt, the young businesswoman who relied on uncertainty and settled in Hollywood
Kathy Schenfelt

“When I told my classmates they didn’t believe me. What caught my attention the most is from the production company they sent me trailers and I had to tell them what I thought. It was incredible to understand that my opinion mattered to them” assured Kathy.

Added to Kathy’s passion for storytelling, took on the role of senior editor on “Page To Premiere”the leading website covering books for film adaptations from an industry point of view. Two years later, The young woman continued her exponential growth being hired as a freelancer for companies such as Lionsgate, Warner Bros Pictures, LifeTime and also provided consultancies to friends in the industry who were in the early stages of online positioning.

“At first my parents did not agree. All my classmates went to the Federal Capital to study at the university, and I preferred to bet on my project from Río Gallegos, because it had another purpose, which was to move to Hollywood. So, I started working little by little, I created my digital marketing and social media agency, I made contacts and met people, in order to save. Only at 22 was I able to move” added Schenfelt.

Kathy Schenfelt, the young businesswoman who relied on uncertainty and settled in Hollywood
Kathy Schenfelt

From the comfort of her hometown of Río Gallegos, Kathy Schenfeld created “The W-List”, a digital and social media agencywhich quickly flourished providing services for the films “The Hunger Games” and “The Conjuring”, and for clients such as Disney Channel, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, among others. By 2016, the agency was doing so well that it was time to take the leap and pursue his long-cherished dream in Los Angeles.

“It was only when I was 21 that I started working with artists. I think from the beginning I loved being able to talk to people from the cast of the movies. That’s how I met Maddie Ziegler, the girl dancer from Sia’s video clip, and with her I learned what it was like to represent a talent. Then because of Maddie, I met Brynn Rumfallo, and since she didn’t have a representative, I offered to do it. I knew she had a future, so I joined her team and ended up working with her. Today she is still my client. Throughout these years I was taking courses and I was learning what to do, how and when”.

During his stay in Los Angeles, the young entrepreneur graduated from UCLA with a certificate in Music Business and founded SCH Entertainmentan umbrella company that houses several startups, including The W-List. Gave life to Missmanaged, a boutique representation firm for artists and musicians, which has more than 30 clients around the world; and its new project Only Guests, a community for creatives, business leaders and change makers with the aim of connecting women developing in the fields of entertainment, fashion, technology and beauty.

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