Married with Children: Florencia Peña and Guillermo Francella revealed how the table sketch came about

17 years after the premiere of Married with kidsthe series was once again a topic of conversation. The protagonists got together to take the format to the theater and that was the perfect excuse for William Francella, Florence penaDario Lopilato Y Marcelo de Bellis they will go through The Rock of Morfi (Telefe). The talk had hilarious moments, like when they revealed how a sitcom classic came about: the table sketch.

viewers will remember how Pepe Argento reacted every time he tried to eat and the table began to wobble. That anger of the character actually arose from a very genuine discomfort of the actor.

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“There is a very nice anecdote that I don’t know if we ever tell. It was the first day we went to record, Guille does not miss anything: she controls everything, nothing misses her, she is in everything, ”Flor started by saying to put the story in context. And she added: “Obviously, it had to be a gnawed set. The reviews when she came out said it was ‘a comedy smelling of mothballs’ and they hadn’t understood that it was all on purpose. But he still wanted everything to be alright”.

Then, without hesitation, he sent his companion forward and, gesturing as if he were holding the table, added: “Guillermo sat down in the kitchen and says ‘this little table like that, no’. He starts moving the table, angry. To me, angry, he’s the funniest thing. Royal, he is everything. We are silent and he ‘no, guys… guys!’. He began to get nervous with the table and we said ‘you have to do that with Pepe’. We didn’t change her and she stayed”.

“Very angry. It was genuine anger because we had been given a lame table”completed the actress. And, laughing, the actor noted that the table really moved too much.

“Married with children” in the theater: seeing the Argentos in the first rows costs $10 thousand

Married with kids will debut at the Gran Rex theater on January 5 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now and fans rushed to get theirs. Minutes before 10 in the morning there was already a virtual queue and after that time some sectors had only four free seats.

Front row tickets cost $10,000.while the Super pullman from rows 1 to 5 is $8 thousand. For those who do not have that money, they can opt for the side stall or the Super pullman from rows 6 to 10 at $6,000.

The Great Rex is already palpitating the return of the Argentos.  (Photo: Twitter)
The Great Rex is already palpitating the return of the Argentos. (Photo: Twitter)

At the moment there are only seven functions enabled to see the Argentos. The first day there will be only one, while from the second there will be two. This is a historic moment for fans of the successful sitcom, who waited 16 years to see them together again. The show will feature a modification before the departure of Erica Rivas. The actress will be replaced by Jorgelina Aruzzi, who will play Azucena. The cast is completed by Guillermo Francella, Florencia Peña, Luisana Lopilato, Darío Lopilato and Marcelo de Bellis.

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