Marta Fort gave a forceful opinion on the Argentine news

Martha Fort He is finishing his stay in the United States as part of his “three or four” trips to that country a year. “I came a month and weeks. and on this journey I organized myself to go see several artists that I like”revealed in dialogue with faces. Your plans are consistent with your project: wants to launch as a singer.

From Key West, Miami, he spoke of your present, your future and also gave his opinion on the current situation in the country from the point of view of a young Argentine woman looking for her future.

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Martha Fort in Miami. (Photo: Instagram / martacfort)

Marta Fort gave her opinion of the Argentine news: “I hear every day how the country is burning”

Martha Fort he always lived his life between Miami and Buenos Aires. However, since he turned 18 this year, she seeks to settle more comfortably in the city that his father also loved, strong richard.

“The truth is that for so many times that I came to Miamiwhen I’m here I feel like I’m going home for the weekend or to my country house. I am no longer a tourist and I lead a quieter liferelaxed,” he said.

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Ricardo with Felipe and Martita in his arms (Photo: Instagram/martacfort).
Ricardo with Felipe and Martita in his arms (Photo: Instagram/martacfort).

I don’t really want to go back. Because while I’m here I hear every day how the country is burning “revealed to faces.

“I always said that Argentina, if it wasn’t like it is nowit would be power. She is beautiful and has everything to be”, he sentenced. And she delved into his opinion: “I think if they had been handled differently there would not be so many peopleat least that I know, that I know they want to try their luck elsewhere.”

At the same time, he confirmed that consider moving to Miami. “On the next trip, maybe I’ll stay,” she advanced.

Marta Fort revealed her plans for the future: between music and clothing design with Felipe

Martha Fort He said that he always sang, but he did not define it as a dream during his childhood. It is for this reason that he could not tell richard strong. “I was playing Barbies,” he summed up.

“I am studying singing and I feel that now the image of my father has also separated a little from mine.. In the future I may be a singer, if everything goes well. I am doing things to try to separate myself little by little, ”she confessed.

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Martita and Felipe Fort have a very good relationship (Photo: Instagram martacfort/ felipe_fort_).
Martita and Felipe Fort have a very good relationship (Photo: Instagram martacfort/ felipe_fort_).

confirmed that he is preparing himself by taking singing classesface-to-face when you can and virtual when you are traveling: “I am very self-demanding. I think the day they see me uploading a video singing it’s because I’m going to look like Adele. At some point it will happen. Maybe in a few months, maybe in a year, but until I see that I am perfect singing…”.

However, he also sees on the horizon the idea to create a clothing brand with his twin brother Felipe, since she always liked “weird clothes”.

“Whenever I was looking for brands in Argentina that they had the clothes that I like, I never found them. That’s why I always ended up shopping outside. I think it could be a good option, because I don’t usually see the designs that I like. And the same thing happens to Felipe. Who knows, in the future we may have a clothing brand together.. He as a man and I as a woman, ”she commented.

At the same time, he assured Every day she is more involved with the FelFort company.

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