Matías Defederico celebrated the judicial setback suffered by Cinthia Fernández with a provocative phrase

matias defederico celebrated on his Instagram account the judicial setback he suffered Cynthia Fernandez. According to what he showed, the panelist had requested a precautionary to limit his actions and did not have the backing of the Justice that he wanted.

“Dear parent: they revoked your injunction. Judicial setback, but this you don’t tell or celebrate”, wrote the father of the girls in his social network. And he added: “Even Justice is realizing that the only obstacle to love with my daughters is you”.

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Matías Defederico published part of the documents and dedicated a message to Cinthia Fernández. (Photo: Instagram @mattdefederico)

At the same time, he took advantage of the message to write to his daughters that he loves them and who will always fight for the three of them.

The denial of Cinthia Fernández to Matías Defederico

Cynthia Fernandez answered angry and graceful in their Instagram stories. There she questioned matias defederico that he did not show the full paper, and that the cut that supposedly favored him was not a decision of the Justice but your prior statement.

“You did not win anything, they allowed you to talk about me after eight months. The part that you show, which says that Justice considers that I prevented you from seeing the girls, is a lie, ”launched the media.

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Cinthia and Matías when everything was going well between them.  (Photo: File)
Cinthia and Matías when everything was going well between them. (Photo: File)

“The only point that they revoked is being able to speak again, after Justice proved me right in everything. And they left it, because now in August it was due. I feel sorry for you, I swear. But tell everything, show the entire paper, ”she rebuked him.

and gave details of How is the family cause going?since this has to do with the complaint of harassment: “They told him ‘skinny, go look for your daughters and stop fanning’ that is, They forced”, revealed the panelist.

He also took the opportunity to send a message to Analia FrascinoDefederico’s mother, who was posting messages to Cynthia which he later deleted. “You deleted everything! Don’t you know we screenshotted everything? I know that sometimes it gives you shit … ”, she shot, fed up with the situation.

In addition, he announced that he will make another complaint, since with his publications the former soccer player “stepped on the stick.” To close, the media was stronger than ever and clarified: “How easy you make it for me.”

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