Matías Defederico revealed the phrase that Cinthia Fernández told him to prevent him from traveling to Punta Cana

The former soccer player explained why he did not move to the Dominican Republic to assist his daughter Francesca, who was hospitalized.

matias defederico (33) again made strong statements against Cynthia Fernandez (33), her former partner and mother of her three daughters, the twins Chiaris and Bella, and the youngest, Francesca, who had a health problem during the trip that the media shared with them to Punta Cana, a town in the Dominican Republic.

On his visit to True Secrets (America, Saturdays at 8 p.m.), a series hosted by Luis Ventura, talked about his daughter, who has already been discharged, and explained why he did not travel to accompany her to the Caribbean countrysomething that earned him strong criticism.

“This person will never add,” Cinthia had said when asked by her followers on Instagram about Defederico and his assistance when Francesca was hospitalized. And when asked if the relationship between them had improved, she sentenced: “Not reborn”.

Matías Defederico spoke about the relationship he has with Cinthia Fernández. Capture TV.

Now, the former Huracán and Independiente soccer player, among other teams, recounted how his reunion with his daughters was, despite the impediment of contact that he would have: “I cannot see my daughters. Today I got up and, since they play football in country, I went, stayed on one side and I gave them a kiss.”

“They came and hugged me like always”He added about his daughters’ reaction to seeing him.

Then, the intern told of everything that surrounded Francesca’s health conflict, who suffered from dehydration after eating something bad. “I’m being honest. On Sunday, when she happened to Fran, we unblocked (from the phone with Cinthia). And I even said: ‘Surely, if this is something serious, I’m going to have to travel. I will travel. And it will do us good, because we are going to be in an ugly moment, unfortunately, but as a family “Defederico assured.

Cinthia Fernández reported on her daughter's health status on the networks.  Instagram.

Cinthia Fernández reported on her daughter’s health status on the networks. Instagram.

And later he expressed why he finally did not take a plane to Punta Cana: “That day they told me that they were going to discharge him, so I calmed down. And on Wednesday, when she gets sick again at night, I told her: ‘Cinthia, give me the location, now I’m going to go.’ And the first thing she said to me was: ‘I don’t love you here in the room'”.

“In those moments, we can have millions of differences, but the important thing was the girl. Beyond the situation that she was going through there, leave a little hate, resentment or whatever you have so that Fran is with her dad and mom. Later, we will solve our issues with lawyers or whatever, “she reflected and assured that she finally made the decision not to travel to avoid a climate of maximum tension with the media.

Cinthia Fernandez’s version

In her networks, after the words of her ex-partner, the panelist from Momento D (El Trece) explained why she did not want Defederico to travel to Punta Cana.

“The gentleman was told not to come because he treats me like he always used to talk (very bad on a phone call to the clinic). It happens that by messages he leaves things settled and then tries to win a cause, ”said the media.

And he added: “Until now and for various reasons, justice has proved me right. For something I mention in the messages that I’m sick of him treating me badly and also my mom.


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