Matías Defederico showed a judicial setback against Cinthia Fernández and challenged her: “This one you don’t tell”

Matías Defederico and Cinthia Fernández continue their legal battle

the war between Cynthia Fernandez Y matias defederico seems to have no end. While she demands an increase in the food quota for her three daughters Belle, Charis Y Francesca -in addition to making other strong accusations-, he holds her responsible for preventing him from contacting them. In this context, on Monday night the former soccer player decided to make known in his stories of Instagram a court ruling that harms the panelist of D-moment.

“Even Justice is realizing that the only obstacle to love with my daughters is you. I love you daughters, always fighting for you three”Defederico wrote next to part of the resolution, which read: “Although she affirms that she does not intend to prevent contact with her daughters, she creates unjustified obstacles, violating the precautionary measure of protection that she requests.”

In a following story, he continued to address his ex. “Dear parent, your injunction was revoked. Legal setback, but you don’t tell about it or celebrate it “he expressed ironically. And added the court’s opinion: “Revoke operative point 3 of the resolution dated April 30, 2022 of the Court of First Instance for Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor No. 4, by means of which it was ordered: ‘Order Matías Defederico the cessation of the acts of disturbance and intimidation that he carries out towards Cinthia Giselle Fernández Romano, specifically: prohibition of disseminating, disclosing, exhibiting, or in any way publishing by himself or by an intermediary the content of messages, references to them, private conversations, audios, photographs, still distorted images, videos, clandestinely obtained videos, texts, as well as any news, data or circumstance related to the family and private life of the named person”.

Matías Defederico published the judicial setback of Cinthia Fernández
Matías Defederico published the judicial setback of Cinthia Fernández

The truth is that Cinthia’s response was not long in coming. Just hours later, the dancer shared a video in which she referred to this ruling and pointed to the father of her daughters. “You didn’t win anything, they allowed you to talk about me after eight months. The part that you show that says that Justice considers that I don’t let you see the girls is a lie. Now I am going to show it in its entirety so that people understand, “he began by explaining. And he continued: “It is the declaration that they made of ‘they do not allow me to see the girls’ and the only point that they revoked is being able to speak again, later the Justice agreed with me in everything. And they left it because now in August it was already due. Poor thing, now in a few days, how much is left for August? It’s over, black.”

“Listen to me one thing, are you seriously celebrating that it was an advance? I pity you, I swear. But tell everything, show the entire paper. Do not say ´The Justice considered that you prevented me from seeing the girls´”, he continued with a mocking tone. “No sir! Text comprehension!” she added.

The discharge of Cinthia Fernández after the judicial setback with Matías Defederico

Then, it showed the complete failure. “We must not lie to people, this is not what Justice said, this is what they declare (…) It is not that Justice said that they found things in which I prevented contact. On top of that, to make matters worse, poor thing, in the family case – which is different, this is the harassment case – they told him: ´Skinny, go look for your daughters and stop fanning yourself´. I mean, they forced him. Poor, but he has to show all the papers”.

Meanwhile, the media also addressed Defederico’s mother, who had defended her son. “Andreita of my life, do not delete these comments. We printed everything, I know it gives you shit… that I report you, but don’t erase, bank it.” And she closed: “Since we both have a commitment not to talk about anything related to girls, I’m not going to fall into the one you just fell into, so tomorrow we’re showing up to report you because you broke again, pigeon. At the first change that they release you, you already fail to comply. how easy you make it for me”.


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