Matt Damon in Argentina: snack in a traditional porteño café and walk with a smile through the streets of Palermo

Just a few days after attending his friend Ben Affleck’s wedding with Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon arrived in Buenos Aires with his wife, Luciana Barroso from Salta, and their daughters Isabella, Gia and Stella. This Friday, the family group He enjoyed a snack in one of the most emblematic coffee shops in the city, and this Saturday he was seen during a relaxed walk through the streets of the Palermo neighborhood.

Matt Damon with his wife and part of the Las Violetas confectionery team, in the Almagro

In the images shared by Fernando Arredondo, the person in charge of the traditional Buenos Aires confectionery on his Instagram account, The actor can be seen posing smiling with his wife and staff, and also receiving wine as a present. “Thank you very much,” he can be heard saying, in perfect Spanish.

The actor received a gift from those in charge of the gastronomic establishment and thanked him in perfect Spanish
The actor received a gift from those in charge of the gastronomic establishment and thanked him in perfect

This Saturday, meanwhile, Damon, Barroso and their three daughters decided to enjoy the good weather in the city, and went for a walk through the streets of Palermo. Smiling, the actor moved among the people at all times without custody, with “uncovered face” and full smile.

Matt Damon with his wife and daughters, walking around Palermo
Matt Damon with his wife and daughters, walking around PalermoGrosby Group

According to the information obtained by this means, the actor arrived in Argentina to a project linked to interviews for a streaming content platform.

Far from hiding, during their stay, both Damon and his family decided to enjoy some of the Buenos Aires gastronomic proposals. On Tuesday, for example, they dined at a restaurant on Suipacha Street, watched a soccer game and the actor also posed for a photo at the request of one of the local waiters.

Matt Damon, in an Argentine restaurant
Matt Damon, in an Argentine restaurant

This is not the first time that the Hollywood star has visited his wife’s native country. In August 2021, the actor spoke of the impact it caused him attend a soccer game played by the team that Barroso’s family is a fan of, Boca Juniors.

In an interview with hot Damon expressed: “The craziest thing I’ve ever seen without a doubt was a football match in Argentina. My wife is Argentine, we went to spend Christmas 11 or 12 years ago. Her family is a fan of Boca Juniors, which is a very popular team in Buenos Aires and was supposed to play in a final. I said to my wife’s uncle, ‘Hey, can we go watch this game?’. And he became very serious and said: ‘We can go, we can go… Without women or children.’ I said that?’. I was thinking of taking the boys. But I understood why it wasn’t a good idea when we went.”

Damon added: “We had to go through three police checkpoints. There were barbed wire fences. It was complete madness. There were policemen in riot gear. If this were the field, people were sitting here and here. From both sides. But there was no one sitting here, in the best seats. Because that was a place where people could throw things and hit each other.”

And beyond the fact that Boca was the winner, Matt found himself with more difficulties. “Our team won, the other team’s fans were leaving and as they lifted the trophy I said, ‘We should go.’ But we had to stay there because they needed time for the other team to leave the neighborhood. You had to give them like 45 minutes for that. When they let us out, they actually kept us in a kind of cage, I asked ‘What are we waiting for now?’ And she told me that they still needed another five minutes for them to leave. He was really crazy,” she concluded.

The match he was talking about was a final that took place at the Racing Club stadium between the Xeneize team and San Lorenzo.

Years before, in 2016, Damon had referred to his devotion to Boca Juniors. “I’m still a fan of Boca Juniors. I want to continue being part of my family”, he reaffirmed with a laugh, referring to the fanaticism of the Barrosos for the Buenos Aires team.

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