Mau and Ricky were tempted in La Voz Argentina: “We always laugh when we shouldn’t”

Mau and Ricky were tempted in La Voz Argentina (Video: Telefe)

After what Nicholas Y Thomas they will finish their battle in The Argentine Voicethe time had come for the return of the coaches. The participants, belonging to the team Lali Espositothey had worn a version of I feel better, theme of gene clark Known for adapting Charlie Garcia, Ricardo Montaner he gave his verdict and leaned towards the latter. In his turn, Soledad Pastorutti agreed with his colleague. But, at that moment, Mau and Ricky they were tempted generating one of the funniest moments of the night.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked. Marley without understanding what was happening. “I was talking and they were laughing, I don’t know what,” he complained Sun. And the interpreter of Discipline gave them away: “People have to know that we have in the earsSo, what happens in the microphones of my colleagues I hear here. And suddenly we were all serious and there was a sound like gas… It wasn’t a gas, it was the leather of someone’s chair. And these two children began to laugh.

Thus, while Mau and Ricky continued to laugh out loud, Marley protested as a joke: “Are we in high school who laugh at these things?” But, following the game, Pastorutti asked: “And what is the smell due to?”. “Oh! Does it shit…really?” Esposito then added. “No, of course not!” the brothers defended themselves. And then they explained the situation.

We were here and at one point you hear: ‘Prrrrrr’. And the only thing I do, in my brotherhood, is take refuge in my brother and turn around… And Mau does like this (turning his face to his side) ”, said the eldest of the duo. “It was at the same time and it was a pod that I apologize to you, because we always laugh at the moments when one should not laugh. But it was because of that bullshit. But if I see Ricky and he is holding back, I can’t stop, “added his teammate. “They’re like high school kids,” challenged the driver.

Nicolás and Thomas sing I feel much better in La Voz Argentina (Video: Telefe)

It was at that moment that the creator of little piece. “Marlene and I have nothing to do with this.. We lost that money. I am not responsible. That they are not going to say that this is how parents will be… My wife and I in no way allow these things. So that it is known, “said Ricardo. “It was an awkward moment,” Ricky said later, giving feedback to the contestants, noting his preference for Thomas as well as his brother. But they could not prevent their companions from continuing to joke about the incident they had staged.

Finally, after thinking about it for a moment, Lali made her decision. “I really like both of them and clearly they both have a chance to go to the next stage of this program. Both, each with its own style and shape. I really liked that they are encouraged to this song and to do it this way, with their guitars. I loved the moment and I had a great time, ”she began by saying in her return. And, after noting that Nicolás had been much more hesitant in his participation, decided to choose Thomas to continue being part of his team.


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