Mhoni Vidente’s strong prediction about Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Marti that would devastate Shakira

Hello Seer did not want to let go unnoticed the new sighting of Gerard Piqué with his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti. After the rumors that the footballer was dating someone ten years younger than him, it was already confirmed that indeed the FC Barcelona defender has a new relationship a few months after separating from Shakira. Due to this and everything that is said around the new romance, the Cuban astrologer made a new prediction that could change the course of life of both the couple and the interpreter of “Waka Waka”.

You have to remember that since it was speculated that the Colombian and Piqué would separateit was said that it was because of infidelity on his part with a young woman who worked in one of his companies. Months later, last Friday, Gerard and Clara decided to stop hiding, despite the fact that she is pointed out as the culprit of the breakup. They went together to a concert in which they were seen quite caramelized.

Piqué and Clara Chía would have given their first kiss in public a few days agoTelecinco

A few days later, the Spanish and the Catalan had a new appearance, although now at the wedding that took place on the Costa Bravaaccording to the images that began to circulate on the network. Both drew attention for having been shown together at a public event and there was even talk of the young woman’s look.

The new information about the soccer player and his partner turned on the alerts, not only from fans and people who have been keeping an eye on the outcome of the breakup of Shakira and her ex, but also from astrology experts such as Hello Seer.

Rumors of a possible pregnancy arose and the fortune teller came to confirm it. It was through his social networks where he gave new predictions for both humanity and the world of entertainment and among them Piqué’s stood out. Apparently, according to his predictions, a girl will be born and a wedding between them.

“He gets the letter from the star and the crazy one, he is already preparing a wedding, with his parents, friends from Barcelona and he has already marked a distance with Shakira, but not with his children. Piqué is going to be the father of a girlthe young woman is about a month or more pregnant”, predicted the astrologer.

She is Clara Chía Marti, Piqué's alleged girlfriend
She is Clara Chía Marti, Piqué’s alleged girlfriend@politicastereo

Clara is a 23-year-old girl who is studying Public Relations.. She is a specialist in organizing events and, according to the newspaper Sun, works at Kosmos, one of the production companies run by Gerard Piqué.

Before Shakira confirmed through a statement the separation with the athlete, already information was circulating about an alleged deception on his part with “one of his employees”. Months later, this information was confirmed, since Chía does work for the soccer player and it is even speculated that they would have been together for up to a year.

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