Michelle Salas: So you can wear a bikini this vacation to look elegant

michelle halls caused a sensation on the net with one of her latest looks, because she is very elegant to wear a bikini and show it off without having to reveal the entire figure, as happens with kimonos and other garments, something that is undoubtedly magnificent for a day full of tourism or going to eat in the most exclusive restaurants during the next few days. holidays. Of course, being one of the most important fashion icons in Mexico, the influencer joined several of the summer trends.

Through her Instagram stories, michelle halls He showed off one of the most iconic combinations he has had in recent months and what caused a sensation is that in addition to being elegant, it is very youthful, so it can be worn by women of all ages. It should be noted that in the Look sophistication and the most viral trends of the year are also presumed, as is the case of crochet clothing that we have told you about on more than one occasion and a white bikini.

This is the elegant outfit that can be worn on the beach. (Photo: IG @michellesalasb)

And it is that as he demonstrated in his photos, a crochet top and skirt set It is the trend that no one should miss these holidays and with which you can also look very Elegant if you bet on neutral colors. Likewise, he highlighted that a halter neckline is magnificent for the top; while for the skirt, a pencil cut is the best option, especially if what you are looking for is to highlight the figure.

On the other hand, betting on the fringes for the hem can make a difference and make the skirt the best option to look fashionable this summer. As for the design, a high waist is also necessary to mark the figure and expose the abdomen, as presumed. michelle halls Recently.

It should be noted that since it is a crochet set, the transparencies are more than present, but unlike other types of materials, the fabric achieves a more sensational effect in which only from certain angles is it possible to see the bikini that hides underneath, so enjoy the beach it will not be a problem.

Some dark glasses will help to give the final touch. (Photo: IG @michellesalasb)

In accordance with michelle hallsthe perfect complement for a look so elegant is a white bikini that will counteract with the tone of the crochet top and skirt. In addition, the color is very glamorous and perfect to cause a sensation this summer, especially if you are looking for the designs that are in trend, as is the case with the “upside down” cut that has caused so much fury since last March.

Notably, with a pair of straps to tie behind the neck, the top of the bikini It’s perfect for the halter neckline of the ensemble. On the other hand, low-rise panties are the favorite of the year and perfect for sunbathing during a beach vacation; However, the model and member of the Pinal Dynasty confirmed that to add even more style to a beach look, you can add a pareo in which white is present, but also stands out for its print.

Finally, being a fashion icon, michelle halls knows better than anyone that an updo will help bring out that side Elegant; likewise, gold jewelry will make the outfit shine.

This is the bikini of the season. (Photo: IG @michellesalasb)


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