Miguel Habud spoke again about his scandalous separation from Valeria Lynch: “I didn’t like that he left me without a job”

Miguel Habud spoke again about his scandalous separation from Valeria Lynch (video: Happy Moms TV)

Almost twenty years have passed since the separation of Miguel Habud Y Valeria Lynchoccurred in July 2003 and after more than six years of relationship. Life went on for the two and they formed different couples in recent decades -currently she is with Mariano Martínez, leader of the Ataque 77 group-, but when their relationship already seemed like a story buried by the past, recently the actor spoke again in public about that breakup.

She didn’t like that I left her life”, sentenced the artist in Happy Moms TV (UCL TV) when the host Andrea Chiarello asked him about the interpreter of songs like “Señor lover”, “Lie” or “I can’t wait to never see you again”. She also spoke about the judicial episode in which the separation led: “Because that was what prompted the trial. If not, it would not have existed. If two people finish well, they can sit down in a cafe to talk and solve the numbers of whatever it was in the calmest way”, Habud recounted.

At that time, the singer had claimed that he had cheated on her with another woman. In that sense, Habud gave her point of view about why she accused him of being unfaithful, something that he flatly denies: “When you end a relationship, you can resort to that, to any of those circumstances . But the reality is that it ended because the couple did not work, that is the truth”, he synthesized.

“The couple did not work”, said Miguel Habud about his separation from Valeria Lunch

“I did not need to reconcile, I was not angry. The one with the anger was always her, so the trial was provoked by her. And she lost it because she wanted to do it, that judgment made no sense. It was a division of something that we had bought together and could be separated, that’s how I left, ”she later told her, about how the breakup was resolved in court.

And about how that conflict began, he explained: “Everything came later, when the topic of ‘Víctor Victoria’ came up, I didn’t like that they left me without a job. Nobody messes with someone else’s work, in this environment it is very hunchbacked to mess with another person’s work”.

“Over the years and with the reports, just as I am talking to you, other colleagues of yours have told me that they have known of attempts to prevent me from working in some places,” accused Habud without directly naming Valeria. “Obviously an angry person can do anything.. The issue is that if I was on the air talking about this issue, it was because they pushed me. I would have avoided the trial in every way, ”he assured.

If you mess with the other’s work, the other has the right to react. I live from my job and I had to defend what was mine and the way was to go out and say that this was the truth, ”Habud closed.

Miguel Habud and Valeria Lynch were a couple for almost seven years and separated in 2003
Miguel Habud and Valeria Lynch were a couple for almost seven years and separated in 2003

In December 2008, Habud had shot Valeria hard as a result of that trial. “I have my property title, my bill of sale and my mortgage cancellation of the debt. Why am I going to give it to him?! I have the documents that say that I am the owner of half of the house, the same as she has”, He said at that time in reference to the property located in the town of San Isidro that he once shared with his ex-partner.


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