Millionaire scam: they ask for the arrest of a famous youtuber accused of a fraud of USD 55 million to his followers

Natthamon “Nutty” Khongchak, the Thai influencer who is wanted for justice

Thai police issued an arrest warrant for Natthamon Khongchaka youtuber and influencer better known as “Of nuts” which, according to the accusation, would have cheated through a foreign exchange trade operation to his own followers, for a sum that would reach 55 million dollars.

Nutty, who before fleeing Thailand shared photos and videos of dancing and singing with his about 850,000 YouTube followers, began in recent months to post other kinds of videos on a parallel channel, in which claimed to be successful businessman making profits in the stock marketas detailed by Business Insider.

In those videos, Nutty, promoted courses of trade private and encouraged investors with the promise of getting 25% returns on 3-month contracts and 30% returns on 6-month contracts.

It is presumed that Nutty would have scammed his followers for 55 million dollars
It is presumed that Nutty would have scammed his followers for 55 million dollars

would have been more than 6,000 people who believed the auspicious words of their idol and decided to invest money with herin the words of the lawyer for victims of fraud, Phaisal Ruangrit, as collected by The Nation of Bangkok.

However, the money invested never showed results. In May, Nutty appeared on the networks with a video in which he revealed that he owed his investors the sum of 27.5 million dollars.. In an Instagram “clip”, he recounted that his broker had blocked his funds and his business account, but that he would try to return the money as soon as possible.

Since then, the influencer stopped publishing content and their networks have remained silent. Both on his Youtube profile of trade as on their main site, as well as on their Instagram and even on the Facebook page of Costina, their own cosmetics brand, they have stopped posting content and it seems that there is no one behind the screen.

Nutty showed a life of luxury that made investors fall into the trap
Nutty showed a life of luxury that made investors fall into the trap

Week after week, more investors, who were nothing more than victims, became suspicious about Nutty’s disappearance and began filing claims with the law.

According to the victims, were tricked into investing through Nutty due to the lavish lifestyle that he showed on his social networks. Super luxury cars, vacations in exotic destinations, designer clothes and bags They were frequent in the publications of the influencer who, in addition to dedicating herself to dance videos, had appeared on Thai television and had even published two songs of her own in Korea.

In addition, Nutty always showed to come from a wealthy family, even long before he began to delve into the trade. The influencer claimed to come from an environment where money was never a problem since her mother had accumulated a fortune thanks to the karaoke business in the Thai city of Chiang Mai, as indicated by The Smart Local.

A group of victims, represented by Ruangrit, filed complaints with the Thai Economic Crime Suppression Division and They are offering a reward of around $137,000 for information on his whereabouts.according to the South China Morning Post.

Nonthaburi Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Bureau police officer Wattana Ketumpai said that an arrest warrant has already been issued for the influencer and indicated that as of August 30 they had received more than 100 complaints against her, and called anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact the Thai justice system.


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