Miranda! and Dillom premiered a song that they had anticipated in Pogo o Nada, Infobae cycle

“An incredible story of love and terror”. This is how “Dos” is presented, a new song in which a collaboration between Miranda! Y dillum. A crossing that they had advanced Ale Sergi and the rapper when they met in chase or nothingthe cycle of Infobae that united generations and styles of Argentine popular music through intimate conversations between two icons of different origins and genres.

At that time and before the filming began, the musicians admitted that they were working on something together, although they preferred to keep the surprise. In fact, from that moment, the fans of both intensely requested that this musical crossover see the light before long. And it happens now, through this new song that comes out almost six months after the release of “El arte de recuperate”, which had been the last cut by the pop duo that Sergi consolidated with Juliana Gatta.

It is a very catchy song that managed to amalgamate Miranda’s universes! and Dillom, so different, so alike. Thus, they achieved something more than a collaboration, since it is a new and fresh mix of styles that is added to the repertoire of both.

Miranda!, Dillom and a still from the video clip of “Dos”, the new song that found the pop duo with the rapper

The video clip for “Dos” was directed by Daniel Ortega and there you can see Ale and Juliana playing two innocent lovers who enjoy a dream date in the woods. Between songs, affections and suggestive looks, They spend the day not knowing that things will take an unexpected turn when the presence of a third party is revealed who, envying their love, bursts into anger and prepares for the worst..

They thought there were two of them and amidst all the passion / It seems, they missed one detail, not a minor one / a hidden spectator who followed them home, oh-oh-oh / And things turned burgundy”, rhymes Dillom as if to close this story with a lurid bow.

The sixties romantic song was the starting point. Dillom came to our studio, listened to it, chose it and gave it an impossible ending. We collaborate singing and composing together in 3 or 4 sessions until we reach the final result. Juliana, Dillom, myself, Fermín and Lamadrid, who are the rapper’s producers, participated in the sessions. Later Gabriel Lucena recorded the bass that carries the dance pulse of the song”, Sergi said about the creative process that the song went through.

Ale Sergi and Dillom in the third episode of Pogo o Nada (Photo: Massta)
Ale Sergi and Dillom in the third episode of Pogo o Nada (Photo: Massta)

Ale Sergi Y dillum they became cronies in recent months by the grace of mutual admiration. And so they did know when they met through Pogo or Nada. But the bond between them goes back a long way: as a boy, the rapper went with his father to see Miranda! Y he knew all his songs; while the partner Juliana Gatta fell exhausted in front of post-mortemthe debut album of the young member of the ripper gang.

“Well, we already knew each other, but… is there anything new that you’re taking with you today that we’ve talked about?” Ale Sergi asked Dillom about the end of that conversation. “I’m taking some new things that I didn’t know about. Anecdotes or stories that you told me about things that inspired you to write the topics that I have known all my life. see a bit of inside where did all that come from, it’s very crazy. And also to know a little about your personal life, which also contributes a lot to what you do.… Which is what I already know, but your private life not so much. And what are you taking with you?”, The rapper replied and questioned.

“I’m taking the story that you live with your friend and what happened with your parents. I had seen it in some notes but I had never talked about it with you, because it didn’t come up and because whenever we met in the studio, sometimes we talked about things of the moment, about music. He never made for a deep talk. Y we mysteriously ended up having deep chats on camera”, returned the singer of Miranda!.


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