Mirta Wons said that she was a victim of fatphobia on a plane: “I’ll be nice, but I’m not stupid”

The actress, who traveled to Spain with the cast of the play Julio César, by José María Muscari, was mistreated by airline staff

myrtle wins He recounted the mistreatment he received from a cabin crew member when he was returning from Spain. The renowned actress is one of the members of the cast of José María Muscari’s play, the Argentine version of Julius Caesar of William Shakespeare. At the beginning of July, she traveled to the European continent to participate in the 68th edition of the Mérida International Classical Theater Festival.

In Something to countthe series of interviews by Agustina Kämpfer in IP News, Wons gave details of the unpleasant episode he experienced on his return trip to the country. Likewise, he recalled a similar violent act, by an Argentine producer.

When asked by the journalist about the producer who told her that she only served him if she was fat, and attacked her “asking her” if as an actress she charges per kilo, Mirta Wons recalled the recent bad moment she experienced: “I may be chubby and nice, but I’m not stupid, and that costs a lot. There is a certain thing that the chubby must be more idiotic than the others. And the one who is fat, he feels that everyone has to like him, so he does a plus. And I had this naturalized all my life, because they treated me badly, “he began by saying.

And he continued: “The last time was on the return trip from the Mérida Festival, by the airline. I had a certain assigned seat, because I am big. The production of the San Martín theater had left him selected. I need leg room and the seats are too small. The airline changed my seat and made it very difficult for me, because I also protested at the counter. Later, they even checked me for explosives! I was punished for that, for having claimed the seat that the production had already paid for. They sent me to a seat that didn’t even have a boy!

Mirta Wons said that she was a victim of fatphobia on a plane: “I’ll be nice, but I’m not stupid” (Photo: Mario Sar)

“The seat belt did not fasten me. I had to ask for an extension. It is a humiliation to ask for a seatbelt extension! And of course they didn’t bring it to me. I was punished for asking for a seat for myself, which has special characteristics. Luckily it is possible to talk about this, but it is still seen. Abuse and bullying are not necessarily telling you “fat!” She added, revealing the situation of mistreatment she received.

Once the interview was over, Kämpfer made a comment on his Instagram account where he reflected on the problems that obese people experience, emphasizing the testimony that Mirta Wons recounted on her program. “She had to suffer that in her work environment they made observations of her body that she never asked for, and they asked her to remain within certain parameters, as if the quality of her interpretations were subject to the measures from her waist. She keeps to herself the name of the producer who assaulted her. It is understandable, you should not want to have problems, as nobody wants to have them, “ Augustine wrote.

“The rejection of fat bodies is deeper against women than against men (The statistics for bulimia and anorexia are starkly different for each gender), but it’s alarming nonetheless. And I wonder why many still try to superimpose the flag of a supposed state of health physical health on the urgent mental health. This way of looking at each other is breaking our heads,” the journalist concluded.


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