Mirtha Legrand was moved by the 100 years of Maipo: “I have a plate with my name”

Mirtha Legrand went with her family to see the play Come From Away in Maipo

As he prepares for his imminent return to the screen as ElTrece with his traditional “mesazas”, Mirtha Legrand continues with his busy social schedule. And, this Saturday, she was present at the Maipo Theater, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this week, where she witnessed the performance of the musical come from afar who drives carla calabrese. It should be remembered that the work received neither more nor less than 23 nominations for the Hugo Awards and had to add functions due to sold-out locations, more than enough reasons for the diva not to want to miss it.

Sheathed in an elegant tailleur of Claudio Cosanothe Chiqui came to the room accompanied by her daughter, Marcela Tinayreand two of his great-grandchildren, Amber by Benedictis Y Ali Valenzuelaboth sons of Juana Vialeas well as a group of friends. And she was placed in the box that bears her name, since a few years ago she was chosen as honorary godmother of the theater. Immediately, the entire audience stood up to applaud her, to which she responded by blowing kisses to the audience.

After the performance, the cast thanked Legrand for her presence, who did not hesitate to take the microphone to say a few words. “Guys, you’ve given us a magnificent night of theater. They sing, they dance, they act, they are wonderful. This is a highly recommended show, as I say. But whoever wants to travel by plane tomorrow...”, he began by referring to the plot of the play, which tells the true story of more than seven thousand people from all over the world who landed unexpectedly on Gander Island, New Foundland, in Canada.

The cast of Come From Away thanked Mirtha Legrand for her presence (Instagram)

Then he continued appealing to his humor but without being able to hide his emotion, especially due to the fact that he was sharing that evening with his family: “Thank you very much for the welcome and for the flowers. I want to tell you that this box bears my name, it has a plaque with my name on it. So whoever comes and takes this box, comes free, is my guest. Thank you so much. Great Argentine theater.

It should be noted that on August 15, 1922the porteño solar located at 440 Esmeralda Street on the foundations of what was the Teatro Scala, inaugurated in 1908 and later called Teatro Esmeralda, it was reopened under the name of Teatro Maipo. In those years, the Buenos Aires newspapers spoke of a week of festivities, since the room that was later known as “the cathedral of the Buenos Aires magazine” had revolutionized the world of local entertainment.

Throughout its century of life, this emblematic theater saw figures of the stature of Lola Membrives, Iris Marga, Gloria Guzman, Tita Merello, Sofia Bozan, Tania, Pepe Arias, Dringue Farias, Jose Marrone, Nelida Rock, Nelida Lobato, Juan Verdaguer, Ethel and Gogo Rojo, Norma and Mimi Pons, Jorge Porcel, Alberto Olmedo , Antonio Gasalla, Nacha Guevara, Carlos Perciavalle, Susan Giménez Y Enrique Pintiamong others.

In 1994, with the arrival of Lino Patalano, artists like Julius Bocca and Eleonora Casano, Alfred Alcon, Norma Alexander Y Ricardo Darin. Meanwhile, since 2016 and with the help of Carla Calabrese and stage troupe, The great theatrical and musical events of Broadway began to disembark, such as the one that is on the billboard today.


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