Momi Giardina spoke about her relationship with Martín Bossi: “He was the only person I took antidepressants for”

Momi Giardina spoke about the end of her relationship with Martín Bossi

actress and dancer Romina Gardinabetter known by his nickname Pearlsurprised in the last few hours by his statements about the relationship he had with Martín Bossi, specifically about how the end between the two was triggered.

The humorist and influencer who rose to fame for being part of the staff of different Dancing (El Trece), was a guest on the radio program lady air (Radiovision) and opened to talk with the hosts Dahlia Gutmann Y valeria sampedrogiving unknown details so far about how his affair with the artist who today shines as the protagonist of the musical was curly boots.

Sometimes I would say to him: ‘Martín, will you bench me? You teach me?’. He taught me how to do ‘El Chaqueño’, which doesn’t work out for me, because I say I’m like Adriana Aguirre’s husband, I’m not a good imitator,” she said. Pearl about how the link was given beyond love. But the juiciest part of the conversation appeared right there, when Gutmann wanted to focus on that. “What’s up with that couple? Because I can’t imagine Martin as a couple…”, Sebastian Wainraich’s wife wanted to know. And Giardina’s definition was without hesitation or euphemism: “shit”, he threw.

Momi Giardina and Martín Bossi were a couple for four years

We stayed almost four years. It was a very intense love. It was at the time of show match”, Momi summed up about how things happened between them. And he even went much further: “He was the only person I took antidepressants for.”, He said to the surprise of the drivers. “Were you very much in love?Sampedro asked him in this case. “wrong, but you don’t understand”, confessed the artist.

That was when the cheerleaders wanted to go a little further, inquiring about the reasons that led the humorist to make the decision to take antidepressants, and Momi said that it happened after the separation with the artist, in addition to giving details about how that ending came about.

Today I adore Martin”, he said before beginning to give his version of things. “I was in love again, I was doing theater with Antonio Gasalla at the Maipo Theater for the 100 years of theater. Gasalla did his work, I was a dancer and I also performed parts with him. One day before a function I was in the dressing room reading the magazine Soon and I see: ‘The new couple, Martín Bossi and Fernanda Iglesias‘” he recalled.

Mommy Giardina
Mommy Giardina

Martín, my partner, my boyfriend… He in the square with the mine and I…”, He added between laughs while gesturally recreating the unfortunate image that he had to see. “I can’t believe it. But he’s a moron, you don’t do that”, Sampedro snapped. “Yes, they left me for Fernanda Iglesias”, Momi lamented, although she later clarified that it was a joke. “A kiss to Fernanda”, he told the journalist. “I don’t want to be in the portals now with the face of Fernanda Iglesias, Bossi, me”, Giardina closed between laughs, knowing the possible repercussion that her words would have.


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