Monica Farro moves and sells everything: the details and prices of the products

Monica Farro He is moving and, since he plans to renovate the furniture, he decided to sell some things through his WhatsApp statuses. The American fair in question includes from an armchair to a stationary bicycle and ceiling lights.

to the air of JUSTICE (America), Ángel de Brito announced: “He’s moving out and selling everything.”. “We’re going to help her,” she added humorously before showing off some bargains.

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Mónica Farro sells her things in her WhatsApp states. (Photo: Capture America)

On the screen they showed screenshots of the products with their description and value. “Breakfast table 15 thousand pesos, sofa bed 2.20 meters 70 thousand pesos, a stationary bicycle 40 thousand pesos”, they began listing.

The American fair of Monica Farro.  (Photo: Capture America)
The American fair of Monica Farro. (Photo: Capture America)

And they continued: “Ceiling light 70 cm in diameter, the game 8 thousand pesos. And a table of 1.80 meters by 80 centimeters plus six wooden chairs 30 thousand pesos”.

This opened the debate in the study where the waters were divided: while some pointed out that the prices were high, others banked it and highlighted the quality of the products. There were also those who questioned the sale made in this way, since they pointed out that it could be dangerous.

Fernanda Iglesias remembered the day she sold a romper

In the middle of the debate that the American fair of Mónica Farro unleashed, Fernanda Iglesias said that she once sold a romper.

I sell everything. I once sold a romper”, said the panelist in defense of those who questioned Farro. And she added: “And I went to deliver it myself to the buyer’s house.”

To the surprise of her colleagues, Fernanda recounted: “I worked in Hard to tame and was very well known. (…) Y I remember that I went to deliver it myself and they asked me ‘are you the one on television?’ And I said no, that it was very similar and I ran away.”

From Alejandra Maglietti to Karina Jelinek: the celebrities who sell their belongings in apps

At the end of April, Alexandra Maglietti He decided to say goodbye to several garments in his wardrobe to make room for the new. That is why joined a well-known clothing buying and selling platform and published the objects that he no longer used or that were left over from some production.

This is part of the dressing room that Alejandra Maglietti has for sale.  (Photo: Capture)
This is part of the dressing room that Alejandra Maglietti has for sale. (Photo: Capture)

Her dressing room is not one more, it is located in the celebrity section. At that time, the model accumulated 41 sales, had a five-star rating, and offered 31 products ranging from shoes to dresses, pants, bags and bodysuits.

Other celebrities who sell their clothes on this platform are: pamela david, Urtizbera Violet, Celeste Cid, Silvina Moon Y Karina Jelinek.

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