Mónica Farro sells her furniture to move: the prices, from a stationary bicycle and an armchair, to ceiling sconces

Monica Farro

-Chair bed: $70,000

-Ceiling fixtures, x two: $8,000

-Fixed bike: $40,000

-Set of table of 1.80 x 0.80 and six chairs: $30,000

And so the list goes on. These are some of the products that Mónica Farro promotes and sells through her WhatsApp statuses and whose captures Ángel de Brito showed in JUSTICE. It is that the Uruguayan is moving and plans to change several of the furniture in her new home.

In the captures, you can see that in addition to showing the photos of the products and the prices, In many cases, it adds a brief description, which includes the material or measurement of the product.

Mónica Farro sells her furniture (Photo: Capture America)
Mónica Farro sells her furniture (Photo: Capture America)
Mónica Farro sells her furniture (Photo: Capture America)
Mónica Farro sells her furniture (Photo: Capture America)

Monica, who a few months ago participated in The Hotel of the Famous and he had to leave due to an injury, he is not the only famous figure who sells things to have more space and also to collect some extra money. In April of this year the panelist from blessedAlejandra Maglietti, surprised to sell even underwear. In addition, she promoted shoes, scarves, shirts, t-shirts and pants. in a price range that goes from 1100 to 15 thousand pesos. Likewise, the model was in charge of clarifying in each item if it presents any detail or mark for its corresponding use. In any case, it is used clothing although in good condition.

Who with the goal of going to live in the United States also put a sale sign on her belongings was Ivana Nadal. As if it were a great virtual American fair, the host offers from a retro refrigerator and a state-of-the-art sommier to Playmobil dolls for 10 thousand pesos and glasses of beer. In addition to the photos, he published the price and measurements, to clear all doubts.

It also put up for sale three types of armchairs – with prices ranging between 40 thousand and 120 thousand pesos-, an outdoor living room set at 40 thousand pesos and a rustic-style chest of drawers at 35 thousand pesos. The most expensive product is a queen box spring that has been in use for one year, priced at 150 thousand. He also published clothes and bags.

In June of last year Mónica Farro separated from the personal trainer Leandro Herrerawith whom he was in a relationship for six years. “Due to the constant questions from the press, I tell you that I have been separated for more than a month with my ex-husband, with the divorce in process hand in hand with my lawyer Ignacio Trimarco. I take the time to inform you now because They are sensitive issues that carry processes. I wanted them to find out from me, thank you all for caring, “he told his followers at that time.

(Maximilian Moon)
(Maximilian Moon)

Mónica and Leandro were married on August 16, 2019 at the Civil Registry on Avenida Cabildo, in the Belgrano neighborhood. A year and a half earlier, he had proposed to her in the midst of a crisis, when he caught her in the middle of Something to tellthe radio show he hosted on AM 1300, with an engagement ring and a marriage proposal. The wedding was put on hold until a new, more formal request.

In June of this year he entered with Turco García to The Hotel of the famous but after a few days and in full competition, he was injured and had to leave the game in pain. “All challenges are a new beginning, so there are always nerves before starting; Last week I played every day and now I haven’t played for several days”, he had said before starting the relay.

An error when getting down from a log made her fall with all her weight on her right foot. He immediately started yelling non-stop, and the drivers asked everyone to slow down. “He made a horrible crack, and the only thing I thought at the time was that he had broken my foot”recognized the vedette behind the scenes. After it was confirmed that it was a sprain, she said goodbye: “The truth is that it makes me happy that I don’t have a fracture and that it won’t be a recovery process of monthsbut it also makes me angry that this happens to me”.


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