More than 1,000 million Argendollars have already left: Massa effect?

So far this year, the stock of private deposits in dollars (Argendollars) has fallen by nearly $1.1 billion. But 80% of that loss corresponds to last month. No doubt since the untimely departure of Martin Guzman the prevailing climate became even more rarefied. After the assumption of Silvina Batakisfrom this column, it was warned about the monitoring of this variable. Why? Because the Argendollars they are a good thermometer that also reflect several key mirrors.

Let us first recall what we mean by Argendollars. They are the placements of families and companies of Dollars banknotes in sight accounts, in savings accounts, and/or in fixed terms. It is then the deposits in Dollars from the private sector. Today, according to the latest official data as of July 28, the stock of Argendollars stands at US$14,671 million. This is the lowest level since November 27, 2020.

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