MR News | The 11th edition of the Ojo al Piojo International Children’s Film Festival is here!

Within the framework of the “August for Children” agenda, the 11th edition of the International Children’s Film Festival Ojo al Piojo! arrives from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 to the screens of the Nuevo Monumental and Cinépolis Rosario cinemas.

The festival is part of the public policies that the Municipality of Rosario offers for children, protecting and guaranteeing the right to access cultural property, in accordance with the International Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents. It is the only film proposal in the cartography of national film festivals for children.

Eye to louse! It is a unique opportunity in which children, as protagonists, can discover and get to know a unique cinema, made in different parts of the world, participating as directors and directors, forming part of the Award Jury, and/or being spectators and restless spectators.

The festival promotes the screening of quality short and feature films, understanding that cinematographic resources (script, photography, editing, performances) must be appropriate for children. In addition, the themes and interests must be representative, the story and the narrative treatment must be attractive and challenging, and the language must be appropriate to the age of the audience. The films contemplate a broad and integrating view of inclusion and cultural diversity.

Two rooms, three competitions

In the 2022 edition of Eye to louse!the programming will be exhibited simultaneously in two movie theaters in Rosario: Nuevo Monumental and Cinépolis.

On Thursday the 18th, Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of August, at 3:00 p.m., there will be functions in which short films made by children and young people, and by adults, will be screened. They are two different competitions, but the productions will be on screen in the same function.

On the same days, at 5:00 p.m., the three feature films that make up the competition will be screened: Opal (France), Kaporito, the guardian of the mountain (Venezuela) and Captain Cunning (Brazil).

On Sunday the 21st at 3:00 p.m., the award ceremony for the award-winning productions will be held at the Nuevo Monumental cinema, which will also be screened.

The 11th edition of Eye to louse! received 201 registrations. In a first instance of work, the festival’s Selection Jury, made up of Camila Bejarano Petersen, Yanina Giuva and Matías Atuel Rodríguez, carried out the task of viewing all the materials and selected the 57 audiovisual productions that remained in the three competitions, 24 short films made by girls, boys and young people; 30 short films made by adults and adults; and 3 feature films.

In this link you can access the complete program:


In the last stage prior to the festival, the Award Jury works to see and analyze the productions in competition to decide which works will be the winners in each category.

The Children’s Jury, made up of Uma Barros, Ramiro Pedrozo, Guadalupe Pristilli, Adriel Valiente, is joined by Liliana Silva Ortega (Bogotá, Colombia), Lucas Raspall (Rosario, Argentina) and Mauricio Vides Almonacid (Tucumán, Argentina).

The winner of the Competition for short films made by children and adolescents will receive a $100,000 incentive prize. The same prize will be awarded to the winner of the Competition of short films made by adults and adults. Meanwhile, the prize for the best International Feature Film will be $200,000.

Special Awards

Two other juries will also deliberate to award Special Prizes.

  • The Argentine Network of Festivals and Audiovisual Samples (Rafma) will give a recognition to the Best Short Film made by adults and adults.
  • The Advisory Council for Audiovisual Communication and Children (Conacai), will award a prize for the Best Short Film made by children and young people.

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