“My warrior, I love you”: gestures and messages of support from Lucas Alario to Agustina Albertario after the defeat of the Lionesses in the World Cup final


After Las Leonas’ 3-1 loss to the Netherlands in the final of the field hockey world cup, the Argentine players received all the support of their loved ones. Agustina Albertario She spent the entire championship accompanied by her boyfriend, the footballer Lucas Alarioand after Saturday’s semi-final match against Germany, an emotional embrace was seen from the couple. This Monday the brand new player of the Eintracht Frankfurt posted an affectionate greeting to her.

Being both high-level athletes, they understand very well what a fall implies in a defining match and the support that Agustina had from Lucas was very important. Also during the competition with words of encouragement or even perhaps with some advice that could have gone beyond the fact that they dispute different disciplines, although in both they play from the same position.

This Monday Alario posted a loving message to Albertario on his Instagram account: “Happy to share everything lived with you, fat man. Thank you for representing us in this way, for all your effort and dedication that you put into it every day.”. That publication had more than 43 thousand likes and exceeded 230 comments. In addition, Pipa uploaded a photo in his stories in which the two are seen on the edge of the field and wrote: “My warrior. Love you”.

The Kiss of Lucas Alario to Agustina Albertario after the defeat of Las Leonas in the final of the Field Hockey World Cup

She replied to him in one of the comments and wrote: “I love you, I love you, I love you and see you in 15 days! Get ready for several months of laughter.” In addition, on her profile on the aforementioned social network, Agustina published a story with a video in which Lucas kisses her and that was all the rage among her followers.

While two former teammates of Alario in River Plate dedicated a few words to him. the archer Henry BolognaToday in Banfield, he put emojis of smiles and the defender Gabriel Market gave him some applause.

Alario, in full preseason with the German team, made a few breaks to be able to accompany Albertario in the World Cup matches played in Terrassa, Spain. The photos together were a constant in the competition in which the Argentine team rounded off another great job and reached the final in which they met a forceful Dutch team. In the previous one, Las Leonas left Germany (semifinals) and England (quarterfinals) on the road, after comfortably beating their group.

The photo published by Lucas Alario
The photo published by Lucas Alario

After several insinuations on their social networks since mid-2021 and in full competition for the Tokyo Olympics, since the couple confirmed the relationship last year, they have always revolutionized social networks with each appearance. Lucas and Agustina also usually send each other messages of support in each contact they have with the media.

In December they spent the Christmas and New Year holidays together in Argentina and ratified that the relationship was going from strength to strength and each day they are more consolidated. Pipa’s support for Agustina in the World Cup was another example.

Agustina, after her time at the Royal Léopold Club in Brussels (Belgium), returned to play for the club where she was trained, Lomas Athletic. While Lucas will continue with his campaign in Germany, where he arrived in mid-2017 from River Plate.


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