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When the Uruguayan artist was 21 years old, back in 1998, she settled in Argentina… and she did it in this emblematic property, one of the most iconic in Buenos Aires, located in Palermo, more precisely in the Santa Rosa passage where her street is characterized for still keeping the cobblestones.

And although in 2016 Natalia Oreiro decided to put it up for sale and get rid of that house, until then he lived there and it was under those walls that he formed a family with Ricardo Mollowho did he marry and have a child with Merlin Atahualpa. A place that has and keeps stories.

It is that the mansion was built in 1887 and belonged to the Alvear family, later passing through other owners until it came into the hands of the actress who, during her stay, left her mark on it. To such an extent that, loaded with strong colors and details, the property has become an attraction for both tourists and fans of the Uruguayan singer.

Contrasting with the rest of the houses on the block, the former Oreiro house has a mosaic façade, mainly white, and each column represents a member of the house. The architect of the mural is Graciela Barreto, a teacher in La Plata, who spent eight months designing the piece and four weekends for its installation next to the gate.

As it is inside? When crossing the gate, a multicolored horse appears that precedes the entrance door to the house. As for vegetation, Oreiro herself put together a garden that has palm trees, flowering camellias, poplars, a ginkgo biloba (the tree that survived the Hiroshima bomb) and other Japanese species.

The property was built in 1887 by the Alvear family and has 480 covered meters, a rehearsal room, original floors, bar, pool and winter garden.

The property itself has 480 covered meters, among which are three bedrooms and five bathrooms. And despite no longer living in it and having sold it, Oreiro still maintains a rehearsal room in a corner of the property to which he has access and continues to belong to him despite the economic transaction.

The floors of the mansion the Alvears built are black and white marble, and the only place they were preserved was in that entrance hall. In addition, according to the photos published by The nationIt has a bar, a winter garden, a swimming pool and a spiral staircase in worn turquoise.

According to the new owner, to stay with Natalia’s house he made a strategic move since he had long dreamed of living in it. As Oreiro and Mollo were already negotiating with another buyer, he found out that the other interested party was offering US$50,000 less than what they were asking for. That was when the current owner took advantage of the opportunity and in 48 hours bought it at the asking price.

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