Nathy Peluso and Lali Espósito bet on underboob microbikinis

The micro bikinis They are the most sensual swimsuit par excellence and chosen by the famous, who enjoy the European summer and share their bets on the networks. But this fashion classic admits a variant that is getting stronger and stronger: the effect under the chestconsisting of leave part of the lower area of ​​the breasts exposed.

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Nathy Pelusoone of the most famous artists of the moment and one of the most daring when it comes to dressing, she recently showed herself with this trend on her Instagram account. Lali Esposito Y Noelia Marzol They were already anticipating this phenomenon. Look at his looks.

Nathy Peluso was recorded with a microbikini animal print underboob

On her Instagram profile, the interpreter shared a video in front of the mirror in which she showed her choice of swimsuit. The details? A model snake animal print in shades of gray and brown, with tiny bodice strapless which exposed part of her breasts.

Nathy Peluso, in a micro bikini under her chest. (Photo: Instagram/@nathypeluso)

The panties, for the same reason, are from dug molding. Both pieces are also adorned with metal sconcesanother detail that is all the rage among fashionistas when it comes to swimsuits.

Nathy Peluso makes a trend.  (Photo: Instagram/@nathypeluso)
Nathy Peluso makes a trend. (Photo: Instagram/@nathypeluso)

Unwrapped in front of the mirror, she showed the model in different poses and set a trend.

Nathy Peluso posed in front of the mirror with a micro bikini with an “underboob” effect. (Video: Instagram/@nathypeluso)

Lali Espósito bets on the duo microbikini underboob and scarf

Already at the end of 2021, Lali Esposito showed his devotion to this trend with an animal print bet, like that of Nathy Peluso, but in leopard version. She wore the bodice, with triangular molding, slightly raised to show off the trend in all its splendor under the chestand completed the look with a super hollow panties with very thin adjustable black straps.

Lali Espósito, with underboob effect micro bikini.  (Photo: Instagram/@lalioficial)
Lali Espósito, with underboob effect micro bikini. (Photo: Instagram/@lalioficial)

The complements? tortoiseshell sunglasses in the same shades of the bikini and a pink headscarfan accessory that the main fashionistas add to their high summer looks.

Noelia Marzol, with a one-shoulder underboob micro bikini

Noelia Marzol is a benchmark when it comes to microbikinis and, of course, she did not hesitate to join the furor over the effect under the chest. Last summer, next to the pool, he photographed himself with an original variant in burgundy: one-shoulder bodice that ties at the frontjust below the sector of the breasts that is exposed.

Underboob swimsuit + maxi sunglasses.  (Photo: Instagram / @noeliamarzolok)
Underboob swimsuit + maxi sunglasses. (Photo: Instagram / @noeliamarzolok)By: Instagram

used it with a basic low rise pantyhose in tune with the top and with maxi sunglasses from which big chains come outanother trend of the season.

Summer is getting closer and celebrities anticipate the next fashionista whims. Do you already have your underboob bikini?

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