Nathy Peluso’s sensual dance with a microbikini in front of the mirror: “De roneo”

Nathalia Beatriz Dora Peluso, better known as Nathy Pelusobecame an icon of current urban music: With his songs that fuse rap, trap, salsa, soul and swing, he managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of fans throughout the world.

But it was not only her musical talent that led her to international fame, but also his personality on stage, in interviews and on social mediathat usually surprises and inspires young people in similar proportions.

The composer of “Corashe”, who will be presented in November at the Movistar Arena in the framework of the “Cramp Tower”, he usually shares fragments of his personal life, advance songs, thoughts, choreographies that he improvises and sensual photo productions.

In the last few hours, he shared a reel on his Instagram feed that drew the attention of his more than 4 million followers.

Story that Nathy Peluso uploaded on her personal Instagram account

In the video, Nathy Peluso is appreciated with her current Look with short hair, serious and modeling in front of a mirror with a mini bikini that stole more than a sigh from her followers.

In the background you can see a room decorated in white and, true to its Caribbean style, you can hear “We are alone” by salsa singer Rey Ruiz.

I roneo a little bit that I wanted”, he wrote at the bottom of the reelwhich had more than half a million pleasures and more than 4 thousand comments. One of them was that of the model Jessica Goicochea, who thanked her for wearing one of her brand’s bikinis: “You + bikinis = top,” she wrote.

It should be noted that at this point in his career, the singer raised in Spain became a benchmark of current fashionfor the eccentric outfits that he uses both in his video clips and in his shows and in your everyday life.

Some days ago, Nathy Peluso surprised with another daring look during the long-awaited parade of Jacquemuswith which Simon Porte, founder of the brand, presented his autumn-winter 2023 collection, Paper. The singer was one of the special guests and she left those present speechless with her daring black see-through outfit that respected the dress code required for the occasion.

Argentina was noted in a parade dominated by the white of the salt fields in which the walkway was installed.

Nathy Peluso’s daring lok at the Jacquemus parade in ArlesBest Image/The Grosby Group

For many experts, Peluso got it: he swept the event with one of his most outstanding looks, dominated by transparencies and the color black.

The chest part had a very fine fabric with which she showed off her curves and that it only fully protected the waist area. Regarding his hairstyle, he opted for a relaxed style, with certain futuristic touches. Her shoes, also black, had a very fine heel while her bag was a shoulder bag with a knotted handle.

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