Naza Di Serio spoke about the romance rumors with Nico Occhiato and was blunt: “It was very…”

naza di serious faced the rumors of romance with Nico Occhiato and was forceful in rejecting the information. “It was very anyone what they invented”, sentenced the driver of “I know her“, the new bet of Todo Noticias (TN).

The announcer and host flatly denied that there had been an affair with fellow host Nicolás Occhiato: “That news made me angry because we were both having dinner in the same place, but at different tables”Di Serio clarified in a note with the cycle Just in case with Moskita Muerta and Nilda Sarli.

And continued: “Everything is fine with Nico but I don’t know him at allI don’t talk to him, he doesn’t talk to me, nor do we have Instagram. Zero relationship. A journalist asked me, I told her exactly the same thing I’m saying now and they came out to say that a romance was confirmed,” she remarked, upset with the situation. “Maybe we’ll go to the same places by chance, but I have nothing to do with him, We don’t have each other on WhatsApp, it’s a very ‘anyone’ romance. I’m alone and I’m fine alone.”

In turn, he said that “I’m waiting to cross paths with that journalist to ask him why he invented that, obviously with a smile, “he said in dialogue with La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad. He also revealed that “I had romances, very good romances, with very nice people. And none of that came to light. With well-known, well-known people. And with this kid I don’t know”, he was outraged by the fake news.

How is the Naza Di Serio program

Secondly, naza di serious spoke of the new format of questions and answers that will lead to TN starting Saturday August 20 at 10 p.m.: “The idea is a new way of reporting, we are going to ask questions about the news that is posted on the TN websiteaccumulating prizes among those who become champions, until reaching the jackpot”, he said. While she clarified that “obviously Sensitive information questions such as police questions will be ignored”.

“My experience in 100 Argentinos Dicen helped me a lot because what I saw of the people’s reception helped me a lot, the criticism they made me, how they received me doing a format like that”, he closed.

As reported from Tennessee, Contestants who sign up to participate must answer questions on various topics and they will also be subjected to an interrogation by the jurors specialized in language: Silvana Stabielli Y charlie lopez.

New TN show

In the first stage there will be eight participants who must answer questions related to the different sections of the TN website (politics, society, economy, international, phenomena, sports, show, viola, with wellness or techno). Those who answer the most questions will advance in the game..

In addition, during the course of the program, the participants will be surprised with the question “I know it”made by specialists. “If the answer is correct, add twice the value, if the answer is incorrect, A point will be deducted from whoever makes a mistake“, they detailed from the signal.


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