Nazarena Vélez and Ximena Capristo revived a strong crossover from the past: “She liked the press, like Wanda”

Strong cross between Nazarena Vélez and Ximena Capristo in LAM

It was a different Friday in the set design of the panel of JUSTICE. On the one hand, Ximena Capristo took the chair Yanina Torres in the scheme of invited little angels that will end next Monday with the return of the wife of Diego of your vacation. Also, the driver Angel of Brito announced a special panel of little angelsthat integrated guido zaphora, Martin Salwe Y Leo Arias. And between two of the guests an argument broke out ancient which was rising in temperature.

The dynamics of the program led to the moment in which Ximena and Nazarena had had some professional counterpoint. “I don’t remember why they hate each other”Zaffora launched. And it was like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. “I do not hate Nazarena, she has already passed,” said Capristo. “You hated me, you said I took you down from some paradesVelez recalled. And what seemed like an exchange of anecdotes ended in a strong cross between the actresses, when the mother of Barbie brought to the table an accusation that he had thrown at Capristo.

“It’s true,” said Black. “They fired (Eliana) Guercio and me because Nazarena lowered us”, he counted. “If you made my life impossible, it could be that he said ‘I don’t want to work with you’”, conceded the little angel, and continued with an outburst. “You were half with… I have one here that I never forgave you in life”, Nazarena continued, pointing to her throat, showing that she was still choking on the situation.

Nazarena Vélez and Ximena Capristo fought on the air of LAM

But Capristo was not far behind. “Your mistake, Naza, was never to face me and tell me. It’s lack of eggs too”. At that point, the driver intervened looking to put a little order and clarify the many. He first gave the floor to the former Big Brother, who said: “One Saturday we paraded, she was new to parading in bowling alleys. She was on the crest of the wave, divine, making magazine covers, then they took her to parades. But how he liked the press as much as Wandaon Monday he sat in Intruders and said: ‘Eliana and Ximena stole my panties’”.

“Beautiful black girl, you like the press more as much as I do, the difference is that they called me to all the programs and maybe not so much to you. Do not play the low profile, let’s tell it well”, Vélez hurried her. “I did not come to fight, Ángel asked and I said how the issue was. We were lowered from Don Mateo’s Barber Shop because supposedly we had stolen his clothes, ”Capristo tried to lower his tone.

Nazarena denied remembering the affair, although she admitted that it might have been. “I always chose who I work with”, He added, and gave the guest the foot to play strong: “She was dating a very powerful person at that time who I will not say who,” said Capristo. And in the face of the stir that said statement caused, he was prudent. “Let’s leave it there,” he said. “I’ve never dated any powerful person who’s made me kick anyone out. If they kicked you out It was because I had the power, because I must have said ‘I don’t want to work with her’, and they chose between you and me”, ventured Vélez.

Nazarena Vélez faced Ximena Capristo for a retro conflict
Nazarena Vélez faced Ximena Capristo for a retro conflict

I’ve been working in the industry for 34 years and I don’t have many people who face telling me I’m a bad person. If I left you without a job, you sure screwed me”, Vélez defended himself. “I never lie,” replied Capristo.

But the thing did not end there, and the one who took out the rags in the sun was Nazarena, remembering the moment in which she starred in the comedy Single partywith a cast that included, among others, her daughter Barbie, Paula Miranda Y Gustavo Conti. And he quoted a tweet that was written to him: “Aren’t you afraid that Gustavo is with so many cats and with the smallest kitten?‘” Nazar recalled. “They were talking about Barbie, 17 years old. She retweets it and says ‘I have no fear ha ha’”, he said, while Capristo made faces of complete ignorance of the accusation.

I grabbed Gustavo and told him ‘your wife is an idiot, because she screwed me all right, but she screwed the girl… ask Gustavo”, Vélez affirmed and urged Capristo to ask her husband. “I have never said anything about your daughter, I love her very much,” Capristo replied, but it was not enough. “Today yes, and I imagine you did it ignorantly. You didn’t realize you were insulting a 16-year-old girl.Naza replied.

Ximena Capristo
Ximena Capristo

I don’t remember, it was a drag that we didn’t talk about it at the time”, La Negra pointed out, seeking to end the discussion, which was gradually lowering decibels. “Zero rancor, I’m not interested in fighting with anyone,” said Capristo. “We were never friends”closed Nazarene. After taking out the “rags in the sun”, both assured that they would work together again.


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