Netflix announces increased fees for sharing accounts

the streaming service Netflix announced on Monday that the subscribers of its platform in Argentina and four other Latin American countries will have to pay an additional charge for each household if they wish to share their account with other users.

How much will it cost to share a Netflix account in Argentina

As officially reported by the company, the new feature It will be implemented from next August 22with a cost of $219 plus tax for each extra house. This amount will be added to the price of the type of membership that has been contracted, either Essential ($429 + tax), Standard ($799 + tax) OR Premium ($1199 + tax).

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked hard to deliver an easy-to-use streaming service with people who travel or live together in mind. We love that our members enjoy Netflix movies and series so much that they want to share them.” with other people,” said Chengyi Long, Director of Product Innovation for the platform.

He added: “Currently, however, the widespread practice of sharing accounts between different households affects our long-term ability to invest in and improve our service“.

The measure was implemented in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru under the name “Add an extra member” last March.

In Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republicthe function will be named “Add a house”.

What are the new features of “Add a House”?

  • one house per account– All Netflix accounts, regardless of plan, will include access from a home where you can use Netflix on any device.

  • Paid option for extra houses: To use the Netflix account in additional houses, it will be paid $219 per month per additional house. Basic plan members can add an extra house; those of the Standard plan, up to two extra houses, and those of the Premium plan, up to three extra houses.

  • trips included: Access to the service outside the home will be allowed through a tablet, a laptop or a mobile device.

  • New feature to manage houses: it will be possible to control from where the account is being used, and remove houses at the time the user wishes.

Tourist dollar rise: what about Netflix

Since it began to rule the increase from 35 to 45 percent arranged by the government for the aliquot on account of Earnings and Personal Assets for credit card expenses in dollars, streaming services such as Netflix were also hit by the measure.

Digital services will pay the dollar at $135.23 (at the close of this Monday), plus 8% of the PAÍS tax and 45% of the tax on Profits account. For example, the Netflix Basic service currently pays $672.

The increase in final prices will be reflected in pesos in the invoices from streaming services and credit card statements.

The company has already laid off more than 400 employees after its drop in subscribers

At the end of last June, Netflix fired to 300 employeesmostly from the United States and Canadato settle their accounts after loss of subscribers who has been accusing since the beginning of this year.

We’re sorry we didn’t see our slowdown soonerso we could have ensured a more gradual readjustment of the business,” said the letter sent by the platform’s founders, Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos.

We know that these two rounds of layoffs have been very difficult for everyonecreating a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. We plan to return to a more normal course of business in the future.”

This was the company’s second series of layoffs, which in May it had already released another 150 employees after its shares plunged as it admitted to its investors that its growth had stalled.

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