Netflix canceled one of the most watched series in recent months and users exploded

Terrible news for fans of one of the most watched series in recent months: the Netflix streaming platform announced that there will be no second season of First murder (the first death)the supernatural drama for teenagers that premiered in June this year and that It gained many followers for its LGBTIQ+ theme.

As happens every time they cancel a program, lTo the disappointment of viewers, it turned to social networks. Users criticized the platform’s decision and expressed their anger for having barely given a season of life to the series.

There will be no second season of First Kill (Photo:

the plot of First murder revolves around teenage vampire Juliette, played by actress sarah catherine hookthe time had come for her to carry out her first kill so that she could take her place among her powerful family of Legacy vampires, direct matrilineal descendants of Lilith, who they chose to be bitten by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Juliette turns her attention to a new girl in town named Calliope (Imani Lewis), but is surprised when she -who shares his same romantic feelings- turns out to be a monster hunter from the Guardians Guild. So both must kill each other respectively, but instead they end up falling in love.

First Kill, the vampire series for teenagers, was canceled (Photo:
First Kill, the vampire series for teenagers, was canceled (Photo:

Fraud eight chapters of less than an hourthe series managed to catch the attention of the public. In fact, in its first three days on Netflix, First murder was viewed globally for 30.34 million hours. and although it was not received with laurels by criticshe did manage to gather a good number of fans.

It reached number three in its first full week of release with 48.8 million hours viewed, just behind stranger things 4 and the sixth season of blind beakrsand spent another week in the Top 10 before falling. In its first 28 days of release, it easily exceeded 100 million hours viewed. That is why the news that there will be no second season, spread by the specialized site TermIt was strongly disapproved in the networks.

what of First murder it is not about the effects or the plot, but about the representation of a lesbian couple, where they live their sexuality freely and the main theme is not ‘coming out’, and one of them is black. It’s not the ‘oh, how bad’ thing, it’s what it means for many, “said a user disappointed with the decision of the streaming giant.

First murderin addition to having lesbian representation, it also featured a black lesbian as the lead. Do you know how many black lesbians there are as protagonists? Very few. and now less”, indicated another tweeter in the same tune.

First Kill fans turned their anger on social networks (Photo:
First Kill fans turned their anger on social networks (Photo:

The fury of the fans of the series went even further. “I hope Netflix subscribers continue to drop until it becomes an irrelevant platform”, wished a user and added: “It cannot be that they cancel series like First murderbut keep adding seasons to others that don’t make sense and should have ended a thousand years ago.”

“Netflix canceling First murder it only confirms that gay men continue to be more socially accepted than lesbian women. Even within homosexuality itself there is misogyny and rejection of women, ”said another angry viewer.

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