Netflix: one by one, all the changes that the streaming platform will make and when they will come into force

The new payment method announced by Netflix for people who share the same account woke up several doubts this mondaywhen the company made its application official. The firm argued that these modifications they seek to guarantee the “capacity” of the company to invest in the long term in the service and in improving it.

Here are the main changes in detail:

Now, all Netflix accounts, regardless of the plan, will include access by default from a house in which the service can be used on any device within that address. In this way, unless requested, there will be “one house per account”. The access from several dwellings will imply an additional charge.

As of the reformulation of its service, Netflix decided to include in Argentina, and in other countries of the region, the option “Add a house”subject to plan type of each user. In this way, the limit of houses to be added is linked to the monthly payment. Basic plan members can add an extra house; those of the Standard plan, up to two extra houses, and those of the Premium plan, up to three extra houses.

As Netflix explained, the provision of the service in additional houses has a cost of 219 pesos per month for extra house. However, although there are no details, the final value may be higher. As published by LA NACION, it is an expense abroad, and therefore must be calculated at the value of the so-called card dollar, and add to the subscription price.

According to the firm, “a house is a physical place in which members choose to watch Netflix on any of your devices. Each plan (Basic, Standard or Premium) has a limited number of devices to use streaming.

This is what the user management interface will look like on Netflix

The company communicated that, to adjust the identification of the houses, it will collect the IP addresses and device IDsas well as the account activity.

The company announced that it will inform users, if detected, that the account it is in use in too many houses. In these cases, you must enter the option “More information”. Next, a window will be displayed that will provide information on how to add the extra house, the monthly installments and the new billing date.

The company reported that from August 22, will start asking its users if they want to “add a house for an additional charge per month”. However, he made it clear that will not be added automatically and that extra charges will be charged determined from use. However, as of July 18, the account already includes “access for a single house.”

Netflix indicated that users will soon be able to “review and control where is being used “the account” in the section “Bill” and then “Manage houses”. Once this feature is available, it will be notified on TV, and the link to that tab will even be available in the Netflix Help Center on the web. If there is more than one house in your account, you must select which one you want to identify as the main house.

The option "manage houses" will give access to different options to operate the service according to the different locations in which it is used.
The “Manage houses” option will give access to different options to operate the service according to the different locations in which it is used.

It can “Replace a house included” Y “Stop paying for an extra house”, in addition to viewing all the locations where the service is used. The “View Here” option is the one to consider for the device currently in use. In all cases, it must be followed from the “Account” option, and then select “Manage houses”. Additionally, you will be able to log out of your account in one location.

Netflix ensures that users can watch content on your laptop or mobile device on the go. However, the company points out that this have a time limit. It can be seen Netflix on a TV outside a home for up to two weeks“as long as your account has not previously been used in said location. This is allowed once per location, per year,” the firm clarifies.

Netflix clarified that when you sign out of a location, you will also be logged out of your account on all connected TVs or devices to the TV associated with that location. In this way, anyone can return to log if you have the corresponding password.

As LA NACION explained, the netflix Base Rate, in which only one device is enabled at a time to view and download the contents of the platform, it has a price of 429 pesos per month, not counting VAT or other taxes applied by the State. With 8% of COUNTRY tax and 45% of income tax and the Personal property that will begin to be applied, would cost approximately 800 pesos.

On the other hand, the standard ratethat allows viewing and downloading content simultaneously on two devices and has the HD option, it costs 799 pesos. With the taxes -among them, the rise in the dollar card– the price would be around 1500 pesos.

For his part, the premium packagethat includes the possibility of watching and downloading series and movies in Netflix from four devices at the same time with an Ultra HD definition, it has a rate of 1199 pesos. It is estimated that, starting this Thursday, this rate will be around 2270 pesos.

This additional fee must be added to these amounts, in the event that the user is shared with other households.

Netflix argued the changes as a necessity to improve and invest in the service.
Netflix argued the changes as a necessity to improve and invest in the service. unsplash

Netflix last week announced a partnership with tech giant Microsoft to develop a new plan subscription to see the content with ads and integrated advertising. It would be, in effect, a new option to the “Basic”, “Standard” and “Premium” schemes that are available in the country.

The company informed that the objective behind the alliance intends to offer “more options for users and an exceptional brand experience and more attractive to advertisers than that offered by traditional television.

“Microsoft has demonstrated its ability to support our advertising needs as we work together to design a new plan with ads. And more importantly, Microsoft gives us the flexibility to ir innovating over timeboth on the technology side and on the sales side, coupled with strong privacy protection mechanisms for our members,” explained Director of Operations and Product, Greg Peters.

Microsoft's statement about its union with Netflix (Photo:
Microsoft’s statement about its union with Netflix (Photo:

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