Netflix Premieres: This week the new installment of a successful series, the latest Korean bet and an ‘action thriller with Queen Latifah’ – News series

The fifth season of ‘Cobra Kai’, ‘Diario de un gigolo’ and ‘End of the journey’ are some of the novelties that arrive on the platform.

The first full week of September brings one of its hit series, Cobra Kai, back to Netflix. Fiction returns to the platform with its long-awaited fifth season, ready to continue conquering its thousands of fans. But the new installment of Cobra Kai is not the only novelty that you will find this week in the streaming giant’s catalog of series. The ‘thrillers Diary of a Gigolo and trapped againand the Korean Narcosantos are some of them.

In the films section, these next few days highlights the arrival of the dramatic ‘thriller’ End of the journey and the romantic drama Breathless.

Then you can check the series and movies that premiere on Netflix from September 5 to 11.


diary of a gigolo


Jesús Castro is the protagonist of Diario de un gigoló, the fiction that premieres this week on Netflix. The actor plays Emanuel, a company young man who leads a life of luxury trying to escape from his tragic past. His life changes when one of his regular clients asks him to seduce her daughter to try to boost her self-esteem. Things don’t go as he planned and Emanuel begins to have feelings for his client’s daughter. A detail that will put his professional career and his personal life at risk.

Premiere: September 7th

cobra kai

This second week of September is the one chosen by Netflix for the premiere of the fifth season of Cobra Kai. After the celebration of the controversial Karate Tournament at the end of the fourth installment, the consequences for the protagonists begin to become evident. Miyagi-do is in danger after the victory of Cobra Kai, Tory Nichols is not convinced with her victory after knowing that she has been rigged and, for her part, Miguel is plunged into an existential crisis with Johnny .

Premiere: September 9


Another novelty that is incorporated into the Netflix series catalog this week is Narcosantos. The Korean thriller based on true events follows a prominent businessman who is forced to participate in a government intelligence service operation in his country after being mistakenly framed. His purpose is to catch a known Korean drug trafficker operating from South America.

Premiere: September 9

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Premiere: September 8th

Premiere: September 8th


end of the journey


Queen Latifah, Beau Bridges and Ludacris are the protagonists of the ‘thriller’ end of the journey that you can find in the platform’s catalog throughout this week. The story follows Brenda, a woman who, after the death of her husband, embarks on a journey with her children to find a place to start a new life. The trip is cut short when she passes through New Mexico and becomes the target of a dangerous assassin. Brenda is not willing to give up her dream, and she will do everything in her power to get rid of the mysterious criminal.

Premiere: September 9

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Breathless is the title of another of the original movies that Netflix premieres this week. The plot tells the story of Roxana, a young woman who enters the world of freediving when she meets the world champion of the sport, Pascal Gauthier. Together they travel the world participating in different extreme competitions that force Roxana to push herself to limits that she did not know.

Premiere: September 9

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