Netflix will charge an extra for sharing an account in another house – Come and see

Netflix announced this Monday that the subscribers of its platform in Argentina and four other Latin American countries who wish to continue sharing their account with other users in another dwelling will have to pay an additional charge.

This new feature will be implemented from August 22 and will cost 219 pesos plus taxes for each extra household (or “house”, as it will be called in the system), according to a statement posted on the company’s blog.

“We love that our members enjoy Netflix movies and series so much that they want to share them with others.yes Currently, however, the widespread practice of sharing accounts between different households affects our long-term ability to invest in and improve our service.”, explained Chengyi Long, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, in the first lines of the text.

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The measure attacks for the first time an issue that the streaming giant was aware of and had always let go, and that it graphed last April when company spokesmen detailed that in addition Of the more than 220 million households that pay for Netflix, the service was “shared with over 100 million additional households”.

In other words, 1 out of every 3 households in which they see Netflix series and movies do not pay for the service.

“We are carefully analyzing different possibilities so that those who want to share their account can do so by paying an additional fee,” Chengyi Long’s statement continues. In March they introduced a new function that allows you to “add an extra member” in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Next month they will advance with a similar alternative function in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic: “add a house”.

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According to this, each subscription or account will be a “house” and, regardless of the chosen plan, will allow you to connect to Netflix from any device. The platform can also be used from outside the home through laptops, tablets and cell phones.

However, when you want to use the account from a TV outside the home, the system will offer the possibility of including it as an “extra home” at an additional cost.

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In addition, within the account settings, the owner can check where the service is being used and remove houses at the time they want.

The decision of the company from Los Gatos, California, is part of a shift in its strategy at the commercial level since it reported a fall of 200,000 subscribers in the balance of the first quarter of the yearwith forecasts that the negative balance it would be accentuated in the second with the loss of another 2 million.

The brake on the expansion that it sustained over the years brought a sharp drop in its stock market value and at least two certainties: the first, that the recent landing of other powerful players in the streaming market made the scene much more competitive. The second, that you had to react.

The dismissal of nearly 450 employees in recent months and the agreement with Microsoft to develop a new cheaper subscription plan but with adsare other measures for this new stage.

From the point of view of content, meanwhile, the bet will continue to be aggressive with the projection of investments of 17,000 million dollars in the production of titles for this year.

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