Nicolás Cabré opened his Instagram account and was welcomed by Mariano Martínez

Nicolás Cabré activated his official Instagram account and was welcomed by Mariano Martínez

White shirt, bangs up, a half smile drawn by a couple of days’ gray beard, inside the car and ready for the selfie. so posed Nicholas Cabre for his first post on his official Instagram account, which opened this Monday afternoon. The actor, low profile and reluctant to social networks, decided to do it to deactivate the actions of someone who pretended to be him and recently began to sell advertising in her name.

“Hello people! I finally convinced myself and opened my own account. I tell you for those who don’t know, that there is a user with more than 200 thousand followers who has been pretending to be me for a long time”, began counting Cabré in the post. “At first it didn’t bother me. but a few weeks ago they started selling advertising and recommending products and services on my behalf. So I decided to create this account. I promise to do everything I can”, closed the father of Rufina.

Nicolás Cabré's first post on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)
Nicolás Cabré’s first post on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

Within minutes, he received a warm welcome from many of his fans who were waiting for this moment. “The last great rebel”, summed up a follower before the actor’s former resistance to venturing into the social network. One of the most effusive in the reception for Cabré was his colleague Mariano Martínez, who from time to time continues to surprise with his extroverted or sung posts, in a performance opposite to what could be expected from Nicolás on the networks. So, he shared the post on his instagram stories and added a message. “Welcome to Instagram, Nicolás Cabré”, along with the emoji of the arm that makes strength and the one of the rocket that is taking off.

So far, four hours after the account was opened, Cabré does not follow any person or account and exceeds three thousand followers.

Mariano Martínez shared the first publication of Nicolás Cabré on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)
Mariano Martínez shared the first publication of Nicolás Cabré on Instagram (Photo: Instagram)

After having been estranged, Cabré and Martínez met again in February of this year when Mariano went to see him at the theater on Calle Corrientes. From the dressing rooms of the Multiteatro Comafi both smiled for the photo that more than 60,000 users would celebrate a few hours later. “How nice to see you, Nico!”Mariano expressed in the epigraph of the publication, and took the opportunity to praise his colleague for his excellent work on the boards. “Go see a woman hurts megive an acting class,” he advised his more than 2 million followers.

Days after this rapprochement, the ex of Laura Fernandez was invited to Cut by Lozanoprogram you are now driving Paula Chavezand he did not dodge the question about the bond that binds him to his colleague. “We have known each other for many years. We grew up together. We live moments that we knew how to overcome. that are hard sometimes”, he began by saying after seeing a video in which his former partner greeted him and rescued “the connection, the respect and how much we love each other”.

And I add: “When those moments of success come to you or they want to put you in a place and responsibilities fall on you… we knew how to surf. Making mistakes, sometimes we fought, sometimes we were happy. We were together every day. We not only recorded, then we did the theater, we went to eat and we lived as teenagers”. And he analyzed: “Today, meeting him, seeing us grown up, with children, talking about other things, remembering… now we are going to eat. It’s nice to see how time passed and how we are. And remember that: look at each other and say ‘we came out unscathed’. Its beautiful”.


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