Nicole Neumann revealed what her daughters’ reaction was to a possible marriage to Manu Urcera

Manu Urcera’s response when asked if he would marry Nicole Neumann

For a year and a half, Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera They live a passionate courtship, which included trips with the three daughters of the model, fruit of his previous relationship with Fabián Cubero. The couple bets on living together every time their agendas coincide, and every time they are asked if there are plans to enlarge the blended family, they are open to the possibility. The same thing happened when they asked the TC pilot if they talk about a future marriageand then the jury of The 8 million steps told what was the reaction of Sienna, Allegra and Indiana.

A mutual friend introduced them to a friend, and the crush was immediate. They combined their professions from different worlds and accompanied each other in work commitments. Seeing that the relationship is progressing steadily, the question was not long in coming in a radio interview in Diego in the afternoon (Radio Miter): “They are getting married?. Seriously, Urcera acknowledged that she is in the projects: “At some point, maybe yes, for sure. One in life plans. You say: ‘well, I finished high school, I start to work at something and if not I start to study’; then you become a couple and the couple leads you to want to get married, have children. That is normal, or at least what happens to me”.

Nicole Neumann with her three daughters and Manu Urcera in San Juan

To dispel doubts, the motorist was more specific with the possibility of going through the altar: “It is not that today I have planned the date, but I do have good chemistry with Niki, we get along well and in the future it will happen”. Hours later they went looking for Nicole’s word in intrudersand the model had no problem reaffirming her partner’s statements. “Yes, we talked about it, we projected,” she assured.

“At some point did he tell you ‘let’s put the hook?’ the chronicler consulted him. “No, he talks about that moment, but there was still no firm or concrete proposal“, be sincere. And he added: “Manu asks my grandmother ‘what do you say Petra if we get married?’, and he asks the girls”. In this sense, she celebrated the family bond that was generated between her boyfriend and her loved ones. “Petra loves it, bitch. And the girls too. They say: ‘Oh, we never went to a wedding’”.

Days ago Nicole spoke with Infobae after the pilot classified in the TC of the province of San Juan. “I like cars, but I started to get to know motor racing thanks to him and I like it; It is something that I am still discovering,” said Nicole. And she revealed how she lives Manu’s races: “Yes, I am aware, when it rains, when there is a friction, when it crashed, obviously it scares me, you get nervous and everything, but I trust in his hands.” A dramatic moment was undoubtedly the accident that Manu had this year at the TC in the first series in Toay, La Pampa.

Nicole Neumann's hug to Manu Urcera after he qualified in San Juan. Credit: ACTC Press.
Nicole Neumann’s hug to Manu Urcera after he qualified in San Juan. Credit: ACTC Press.

On how they manage their time to be able to see each other, Urcera explained: “We accommodate ourselves as we can, she makes a lot of effort too and on race weekends, most of them accompany me too. I also try to give him a hand during the week and be there when he needs it. We try like any couple to combine and try to spend as much time together and well.

Together they experienced the runner’s participation in the Italian Gran Turismo circuit. As the pilot explained, his partner attends racetracks and is usually escorted by his daughters. On Tuesday Allegra and Sienna drew them a picture with the message: “For mom and Manu. We want them”. “I’m dying of love,” said her mother, and Manu thanked them for the tender gesture.


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