Nicole Neumann’s trip to Italy: the reunion with her Swedish sister and the romantic walk with Manu Urcera

The model traveled to Italy with the TC pilot and took the opportunity to meet her father and younger sister

Travel is part of the routine Nicole Neumann and Manu Urceradue to work commitments of the TC pilot. This weekend competed at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari autodrome in Imola, in the GT Italian Sprintand the model said present to accompany him on his great return to the circuit. The couple has been in a relationship for more than a year and a half, and they accompany each other in their projects. The jury of The 8 million steps recorded the special experience with a photo album and It also showed the reunion with his father and his younger sister.

“A summary of my Saturday. Family, looks, career, podium. wow! Intense days as I like them! Very Scorpio!” Nicole expressed in an Instagram post, in addition to congratulating Urcera for finishing the first race of the weekend in second position, paired with Daniele Di Amato. In the compilation of images, one of the images where he posed next to the Ferrari 488 of the Scuderia Baldini together with Clara Alicia Bacher. The 20-year-old Swedish girl is the daughter of her father, Bernd Unterüberbacher, and his partner, Camila.

Nicole Neumann with her partner, her younger sister and her father in the streets of Imalo
Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera, romantics in Italy
Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera, romantics in Italy

In the videos she is seen very close to Clara, with whom she shares a love for animals and every time she is in Europe they take the opportunity to see each other again. It should be remembered that the model was raised by her mother, Claudia Neumann, without the presence of her father. When she came of age she contacted him and they were able to rebuild her bond. In the postcards that she shared, she was also seen accompanied by Bernd, and they even photographed an outing together. In December 2021, the model spoke openly about her life story during a solo talk with teleshowand there he acknowledged: “The guy abandoned me. He’s gone. It’s much harder to have a dad who doesn’t look at a deceased dad.”

“It was very traumatic for me. He did me so bad that, at least at first, my relationships with men were complicated. Somehow and at some point I expected the abandonment, because it was what he knew of men”, revealed at the time. However, at 18, while she was in Paris she reached a personal limit that led her to better understand her identity and she felt the desire to search for it. She “she was dating a man ten years older. A guy who had aggressive lapses; very much in love and believed that he behaved like this because of everything that had happened in her life, because of her traumas, ”she recalled in dialogue with this medium.

Nicole Neumann and Clara Alicia Bacher, her younger sister
Nicole Neumann and Clara Alicia Bacher, her younger sister

“My psychologist at the time told me: ‘Nicole, in general, people of this type tend to be the same as the rest of the family, and there I felt: ‘I don’t want this for myself, much less for my children,'” he explained. . “In Europe I wrote to dad and he came to meet me. His hug was saving and healing. One click. He split my head open. He gave me courage in that process to decide my freedom”, he assured.

When he looked back on the day he met the Austrian ski instructor, he couldn’t contain his excitement: “I saw him come out of the plane’s sleeve and said, ‘That’s my dad.’ we both cry. He asked me: ‘What will happen now with this man whom I don’t know?’ He always stressed that there were no reproaches or requests for explanations, and that good communication based on mutual respect was the key to starting over. “I knew her side of the story, because until then I only had mom’s version of her absence”commented.

The model in the streets of Cremona, Italy: in each of the trips with Urcera she shares recommendations of her favorite places to meet
The model in the streets of Cremona, Italy: in each of the trips with Urcera she shares recommendations of her favorite places to meet

“His frustration and opinions weighed heavily on him when he walked away from me. He had come from Germany betting on a relationship that did not happen. Difficulty with the language and getting a job discouraged him. He was very young and all the blame was on the man, ”he detailed. And he confessed: “Soon, mom met hot dog (with you), father of my sister (geraldine), and he did not think it convenient to confuse me with an annual visit when I was so small”.


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