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Experience is one of the characteristics that people look for in their trips, unique and different experiences that allow them to get out of the routine, as in the case of several hotels that have appropriated the culture, trends and customs of each of the places. where they are.

For people, one of the keys in the search for a stay is luxury, although hotels have changed this definition with different experiences for travelers. This is the case of a hotel in Switzerland that has shocked tourists for its extravagant idea of ​​what the lodging experience is.

This proposal called Null Stern Hotel was designed by the brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, who decided to modernize the concept of an accommodation that has no walls or ceiling, only a double bed with two nightstands, in the Safien Valley, in Switzerland.

The incredible views that are surrounded by nature, the starry night from the bed and the service of a waiter who will serve breakfast in the room, are the experiences that have captured the attention of tourists.

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“We want to put guests back at the center of the creative process while pushing the boundaries of the hospitality industry at the same time. We are also trying to rethink the concept of real estate in the traditional hospitality model”commented the manager of the place, Daniel Charbonnier, on the official page of the place.

Charbonnier explained where the idea came from: “This new version in the middle of the valley kept the same essence, but this time we got rid of all the walls and the only thing that remains is the passenger and their experience.”

According to the website of the site, it is considered as a concept hotel. The name of this type of accommodation seeks to differentiate itself from the modern and conventional hotels found throughout the world. The designers of this place explain that each of its guests is part of the work of artwhich is how this proposal is presented.

The areas where these rooms are located are strategically selected so that the environment has what the brothers need to offer their clients.

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The local farmers are the ones who also work as butlers in the hotel, they wear an elegant white shirt with a bow tie, as well as some boots so that they can move in the rooms and offer guests the breakfast service that is made with products that are grown in that same area.

Security is one of the issues that those interested in this adventure may fear the most. However, Charbonnier said that each of the suites has personal security and that so far the main intruders have been squirrels, cows and birds.

your new proposal

Recently the hotel has released a new room called ‘Anti Idyllic’ with a concept of the fallen sky as if it were an error in the Matrix. The focus of the stay is to be able to reflect on the current world situation. “It becomes a declaration of the urgency of the necessary changes in society”the artists of this concept explained during the inauguration of this place.

“The ‘anti-idyllic’ suite refreshes our doubts and insecurities. I hope that it inspires guests to reflect and share their thoughts, which we will then classify and collate to develop local actions in the future”explains the mayor of Saillon, Charles Henry Thurre, in an official statement.

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These suites have been so successful among lovers of great travel experiences that you can currently get your reservation for a stay for a price of 325 Swiss francs (1,466,868 Colombian pesos) per night, but there is no place available until June 2023.

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