Resolution 1595/2022


City of Buenos Aires, 09/01/2022

SEEN EX-2022-91857130-APN-UEP#AND, Laws Nos. 24,452 and 25,730, its amendments and supplements, Decrees No. 698 dated September 5, 2017 and its amendments, No. 882 dated December 23, 2021 and No. 187 of April 17, 2022 and AND Resolutions No. 192 dated March 3, 2022 and No. 677 dated May 12, 2022 and,


That through Laws No. 24,452 and No. 25,730 it was established that the funds collected by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic by virtue of the fines provided for in the aforementioned regulations, will be used for the application of programs and projects in favor of the People with disabilities.

That by Decree No. 698/17 and its amendments, the NATIONAL DISABILITY AGENCY was created, as a decentralized body in the orbit of the GENERAL SECRETARIAT of the PRESIDENCY OF THE NATION, continuing the National Advisory Commission for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities .

That through Decree 187/22, the NATIONAL FUND FOR THE SOCIAL INCLUSION OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (FONADIS) was created, which will be used to finance Programs and Projects in favor of people with disabilities, and the funds of the former NATIONAL FUND were transferred FOR THE INTEGRATION OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (created by Decree No. 1277/03) to the aforementioned FONADIS.

That, on the other hand, the aforementioned Decree established as objectives of the Project Execution Unit, among others, those of implementing the decisions of the COUNCIL FOR THE ARTICULATION OF PROGRAMS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES and managing administratively and operationally, according to current regulations, the actions that allow the execution of the aforementioned Fund according to the programs approved by the aforementioned Council.

That by AND Resolution No. 192/22, the Technical Support Program for Persons with Disabilities was approved.

That through Resolution AND No. 677/22, the “GENERAL OPERATIONAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES FOR PROGRAMS OF THE NATIONAL FUND FOR THE SOCIAL INCLUSION OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (FONADIS)” (Annex I) were approved, which contain the regulations for the application, processing and granting of subsidies referred to the aforementioned National Fund.

That according to the registry of the Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD), there are 284 (two hundred and eighty-four) girls and boys of school age (between 5 and 8 years) with certified visual disability.

That it is not less to avoid that these ages correspond to the last year of the initial level and the first cycle of primary level, where the process of learning to write and read Braille begins, through the Braille typewriter.

That the NATIONAL DISABILITY AGENCY, taking into account the costs of these goods and their technical specifications, seeks to ensure access and equal learning opportunities for all children with visual disabilities at the beginning of the reading-writing process.

In view of this, it is necessary to establish a special call within the framework of the Technical Support Program for Persons with Disabilities for a specific population group, in accordance with the conditions established in ANNEX I (IF-2022-91861869-APN-UEP#AND) , between September 5 and October 5 of the current year to submit the request during the current budget year.

That the Directorate of Legal Affairs has intervened within the scope of its competence.

That this measure is issued in exercise of the powers conferred by Decrees No. 698/17, No. 868/17 and No. 935/20.




ARTICLE 1.- The Special Announcement is approved within the framework of the SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES approved by AND Resolution No. 192/2022.

ARTICLE 2.- The period for submitting applications is established between September 5 and October 5 of the current year, which will be carried out according to the considerations established in ANNEX I hereof (IF-2022-91861869-APN -UEP#AND)

ARTICLE 3.- Communicate, publish, give to the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRY and timely file.

Fernando Gaston Galarraga

NOTE: The Annex(es) that make up this Resolution are published in the web edition of BORA

me. 05/09/2022 No. 69313/22 v. 05/09/2022

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